Nothing will get you through these economic unusual times more than getting back to effectively selling your products, your services and your company. It is more critical at this time than ever that you learn everything there is about selling, negotiating and closing.

Those that are able to effectively sell will survive and those that can not will suffer. At no time in my life will the mistakes a company and its people make with regards to selling be more expensive than right now. Even the smallest mistakes in selling will be greatly expensive running off customers and opportunities. SELL SELL SELL-nothing else matters. The management teams that spends less than 95% of their time on selling will find itself going backwards. "The only reason a business or an individual will fail is the inability to sell their products and services at prices high enough and in quantities great enough!"

95% of all the energy and efforts of the company, management and its people has to be on selling. Advertising and marketing are important but if they don't result in sales the company will abandon those efforts due to its lack of sales.

Management's daily attention must be on:
1) ensuring people's attitudes are positive,
2) effective 21st Century selling skills (not just old school tactics),
3) effective negotiations in order to maintain gross profits,
4) how to close the deal so that your efforts actually hit your books

While much of management is looking for ways to figure out how to reduce expenses nothing will get a company through these times more than increasing the gross sales line of its income statement. Nothing else matters at this time more than selling. ONLY THOSE TRAINED DAILY ON HOW TO SELL WILL SURVIVE!

Grant Cardone, (about Grant)
Author of Selling Is the Secret to Success

Your Actions Today

Your Future is Determined by Your Actions Today!

What you do today, not yesterday, is what will determine how you live your life tomorrow.

Its unfortunate that so many people spend time regretting yesterday, stewing over it, planning their life around it when its over, gone, finished! Yesterday in no way can impact tomorrow. "Yesterdays" only ruin your ability to create a tomorrow.

Consider your marriage: For a marriage to prosper you have to keep your attention on the future of it. Things like dates, dinners, plans, vacations, new adventures, mutual goals and projects are what will ensure its future. The marriage will not survive on the love of yesterday, but only on what is created in the future.

Take your business. Let's say you want to build your customer base and haven't been doing that for some years. The only thing that matters now is that you see how you want your future to look and then take the actions necessary today in building your customer base from here on out. No reason to spend time on yesterday as it is only filled with regrets, remorse, guilt, etc.

This is why newspapers are so damaging for people to read! Because they are focused on yesterdays not tomorrows. And the only time they discuss tomorrows is when they are projecting something negative and then compare to some other past devastating event!

Your future is a summation of your actions today, not what you did or did not do yesterday! Read newspapers and you are less likely to take positive actions at creating a positive future. Because the newspaper is written with the past in mind! This is why thousands of people are benefitting from my training CD's, as the material I teach constantly gets you to focus on your next action, thereby causing the listener to take positive actions today and create a great future tomorrow!

You can learn from the past but what you do today, not yesterday, is the only thing that will determine your success tomorrow! You can learn where you picked up the nail that gave you a flat; which would be good to know so that you avoid that spot of the road in the future, but right now, I suggest you change the tire as quickly as possible, be thankful you didn't have an accident and get on with your trip! Put your attention on where you are going, not on the nails of the past, and step on the gas pedal of action!

Only your actions of today will impact and ensure your future! The next thing you do or don't do is what will create the future for you! Taking any action to build your client base is better than none at all. And the more action you take the more your future will look like you want it to.

Anytime things get a little slow for me, these are the five steps I take to make sure my future shows up the way I want it to:

- Put my attention on and write down what I want my whole future to look.
- Then I put my attention on and write what I want certain areas to look like, for example a specific project.
- Do ONLY those actions necessary to create that future.
- Do those actions in massive proportions.
- Hire someone else to help me promote and continue those actions!

Forget yesterday, forget five seconds ago, and take action right now on your future.

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Grant Cardone, Author



Price and volume are critical to reaching high levels of success. You can not be good at just one or the other but need both!

This article is about the myths regarding price and later articles will be about increasing volume.

If you were to survey all of the salespeople in the world, you’d find that most of them believe that the number one reason they lose a sale is due to price. This is absolutely not the case and in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Price is not only not the buyer’s biggest concern but is at the bottom of the list of reasons why people don’t buy your product. Most sales are loss because you are not on a product that the buyer truly loves or because the buyer lacks confidence in the product solving his/her problems.

1) Most sales people are not even on the right product.
2) Don’t know what would motivate the buyer to value the product more than the money required to purchase the product.
3) What problem the customer is trying to solve.

It is the unspoken objections, not the obvious and apparent price, payments, terms or budgets objections that stop the sale. 90% of sale is getting the product right not getting the price right. This requires you to know what iit is that the buyer truly values from a point of passion (love) and logic (solving a problem).

Getting the sale is first about getting the buyer to a place where he/she has confidence in you, your company and the product you are presenting. If there is a price difference between you and others, (and their should be), then you have to build value in your product by increasing the confidence the buyer has in making a decision with you.

Reasons People Buy:
1) Love the product to the point that I have to have it now.
2) Need this product now to solve a problem.
3) Confidence that this product will meet their needs
4) Confidence in the representative and choose to buy the product in order to help the person they like and are willing to pay more in order to do so.

To learn more about how to get a higher price for your products you should consider my book, "Selling: The Secret to Success", and my audio programs Maximizing Every Opportunity and Rules of Success.

Thanks for reading, see you next week

Grant Cardone

Obama nor McCain Can Save You

Neither of the candidates running for the 2008 US Presidency can save you, your family, or your business during these current economic waters. Only YOU and YOUR TEAM can get you to "success" side of this economic contraction. The recent pullback in the market and any pain you may be experiencing is only an indication that you underestimated what it takes to create success for yourself and your company. If you think the outcome of the 2008 election is going to resolve your situation you will be sadly disappointed regardless of which party wins.

I have been telling business owners for years, do not rest on your laurels just because things are good. Any problems you are experiencing today was because you didn't properly prepare yourself yesterday. The reality is the problem existed years ago, but because the economic wind was at your back you didn't know it, until now.

Now it is back to basics; hard work, daily training, everyone pulling together and a relentless persistence t0 get the job done. Your daily efforts need to be a laser focus on moving you toward your destination, everyone KNOWING the destination you strive for, and the entire team pulling together! You have to knock off all foolishness, playtime, negative talk/think and pull together like it is a life or death matter!

1) Know where you want to go.
2) Know what it takes to get there.
3) Know how to do what it takes to get there.
4) Know through inspection that you are doing what it takes each day.

Neither a Democrat, a Republican, or anyone else can help you more than your daily effort to KNOW more and DO more. The more you know, the more you can do. The more you can do the more you will do! And more is critical during times where there appears to be less.

Grant Cardone, Author Selling the Secret to Success and Business Coach


You need to treat the current economic climate as you would a terminal disease! If you were told you had a terminal disease what would you do? Unless you are ready to surrender and die, you would seek every possible solution? You would spend your last dollars in order to find a cure? You would travel to every corner of the planet seeking a solution? You would learn everything you could about the disease so you could find a solution to it!

This is exactly how individuals and businesses need to respond to the current economic situation. The economy is sick and it is no longer important that it is sick or how it got sick or who is to blame! The only thing that is important is what are YOU going to to find your cure!

There are only three possible actions to take and only one is correct:
1) Ignore- (that is what got us here- unwilling to confront the problem)
2) Retreat- (cut back, contract and get smaller- ultimately cease to exist)
3) Attack- (do everything possible to expand and live- survival)

Individuals, businesses and entire governments have already been through the stage of ignoring. (See foreclosures as one example of ignoring). This article is for those that are beyond ignoring and who are deciding whether to retreat or attack.

Most will incorrectly elect actions to retreat as a way to survive. Retreating shows up in management electing to cut spending, reduce payroll, stop hiring, eliminate advertising and quit training. While retreating may seem like the logical thing to do, you would never do this if you knew you had a terminal illness.
While it may seem counter intuitive to expand and attack the market at this time this is the only solution that will ensure you are a winner on the other side of the current scene.

Wilma Rudolph was the 20th of 22 children. She was born prematurely and her survival was doubtful. When she was 4 years old, she contacted double pneumonia and scarlet fever, which left her with a paralyzed left leg. At age 9, she removed the metal leg brace she had been dependent on and began to walk without it. By 13 she had developed rhythmic walk, which doctors said was a miracle. That same year she decided to become a runner and for the next few years she came in last in every race she entered. Everyone told her to quit, but she kept on running. One day she actually won a race and from then went on to win every race she entered. Eventually this little girl, who was told she would never walk again, went on to win three Olympic gold medals.

You can't win the race by not running. You can't hit the ball without swinging. You can't win in life by quitting and you will never find a cure by ignoring or retreating. "Approach your business challenges the same way you would a terminal disease- attack with all your resources, never retreat and never ignore!"

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Market Place Rewards the UNREASONABLE

Now is the time to get UNREASONABLE and EXTREME with your business!  You must get unreasonable with how many calls you make, how many clients you contact and how you insist on getting business in today's market.  Management must get unreasonable, even extreme, in their expectations,  in order to keep production at levels necessary to keep those same people employed!  


Reasonable is defined as, having sound judgement, fair and sensible,  

Unreasonable would then be defined as, NOT having sound judgement, NOT fair, NOT sensible. Now is the time to NOT have sound judgement. Now is the time to NOT be, what you consider, fair. Now is the time to throw sensible out the window.   That is right I am telling you to not be sensible as sensible will not get the job done as the marketplace contracts!   You have to get unreasonable in every regards now in order to survive!  

"You must get unreasonable in the market place or the marketplace will punish you." 

Most people only take enough action to get by and when the marketplace contracts they start paying painfully in the forms of reduced production. The marketplace punishes those that are reasonable in times of contraction!  The marketplace punishes those that only take enough action as they never reach the level of action necessary to survive and prosper.  These people get punished because they are still taking the same amount of action as when the marketplace was expanding and are not compensating for the change in the market!   

There are three sets of people exerting different levels of action in the workforce and each group will suffer in different ways.

1) Weak employee's that has never exerted enough effort- the first to lose his job.

2) Good dependable trustworthy employee's that only exert reasonable amounts of effort- (this represents most of the workforce). They are at risk and will probably lose current pay plan unless they become unreasonable.

3) Those willing to do whatever it takes.  These people will not get cut, not be at risk and become even more valuable to the company.  They will actually be better off when contraction ends!

These three levels can also relate to management and entire companies.   The difference in these three levels comes down to creating enough action to get the job done regardless of the obstacles!   

So what is enough effort? This is the first thing NASA gets the answer to when figuring out what it take to get a rocket to launch, how much effort is necessary.  In business enough effort is when you create new problems for yourself!  Not enough action or effort yields familiar or the same problems.  

Example of familiar problems- (not desirable)

  1. not enough production, results or income
  2. appointments cancelled 
  3. customers satisfied but not enough of them.
Examples of New Problems (desirable)

  1. too much production and can't deliver it
  2. too many appointments showing up all at the same time, 
  3. customers angry because you called them too much

You will have created enough action through your efforts when you get new problems.  Most people and businesses have the same problems over and over and never seek new problems. 


Grant Cardone, Author  Selling the Secret to Success

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Survive Recession

I recently did a book signing to a packed house at the historical Book Soup in Los Angeles and I told the audience that while the great business schools of America will tell you that one of the top reasons for business failure is undercapitalization, I believe that the number one reason a business or for that fact an individual fails in accomplishing its endeavors (regardless of the endeavor) is "it’s inability to sell products in quantities great enough, at prices high enough and at speeds fast enough to capitalize the business, the idea or whatever it is the company or individual’s survival depends on."

Take any failure you have had in your lifetime or any business failure that you have witnessed and you will see the individual or company was unable to gets its products into the marketplace at quantities great enough, fast enough and at prices high enough. While cash is necessary to fund any business it cannot be the determining factor! No matter how much cash the business or individual has, sooner or later you have to get your products and services funded by others through selling or you will burn through your cash. (See my article at Huffington Post where I am now blogging weekly.)

Consider the fact that selling is not even taught at these business schools and that alone would suggest that this is the great weakness of individuals and companies. Apple sits on 15 billion in cash because it sells its products in quantities great enough. Other companies, like UA, burn through cash due to it's inability to sell product at prices great enough. (See Price Myth Article).

This formula also proves true for individuals and households, and is not limited to just business. Every person has products and services that they either exchange or don't exchange with the market! Regardless of how superior your product, service or idea may be, your survival depends on your ability to get your products, services or ideas into the marketplace and funded. If you wanted to get a promotion, an idea, then you would have to sell someone on that. And if you can't sell the idea you will not be assured of the promotion!

Selling is not an activity of the business but the life-blood of it! Selling is not something you have a choice to do, anymore than you have a choice to breathe or eat. If you have any disdain or dislike for this thing called, selling, it is only because don’t know how important it is to your survival and/or don’t understand how to successfully get the job done.

Long time oil man, J. C. Walter, III – President of Walter Oil & Gas Corporation wrote me after reading my book, “No matter where you fall in the “food chain of life”, you need to be able to sell yourself to others.”

Kerri Kasem, radio personality says after reading the book, Selling the Secret to Success should be put in the hands of anyone who wants to run a successful company and should be the "Bible" for anyone in sales. This book is so amazing, YOU HAVE TO READ IT.“

If you haven’t read it ,Selling the Secret to Success get it. If you have read it, read it again and then make sure your spouse reads it. The book that is being described at The Think and Grow Rich of the 21st Century will be released on audio at the end of July.

Order yours now so you can listen to it in your car as Grant expounds on each of the seventeen chapters! Call 800-368-5771 or by clicking on the title above.

Grant Cardone, Author and CEO

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Multi Family vs 401k
by Grant Cardone

Rich or Poor by Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone recently delivered his new  Money Seminar to a sold out audience in Tampa.  He was asked the question, "what is the difference between rich people and poor people." He then reeled off for almost five hours about the major differences between becoming rich and staying poor and and what to do about it.  Here are just a few examples:
  1. The rich believe money is good and the poor think it to be bad.
  2. The rich invest money and the poor spend it.
  3. The rich use debt to expand and the poor use debt to spend.
  4. The rich have financial plans and the poor have budgets.
  5. The rich expand regardless and the poor contract.
  6. The rich take advantage of the economy and the poor blame it.
  7. The rich solve problems and poor people have problems.
  8. The rich buy time and the people waste it.
  9. The rich have multiple flows of income and the poor rely on one.
  10. The rich pay themselves first and the poor pay others first.
It is critical during economic contractions that people and business know exactly what actions are absolutely necessary to ensure success and which one's to avoid.  This is one of those times!

Author, Grant Cardone

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Recently I have been on numerous national radio shows whereby the host asked me what advice I have to counter the current economic "crisis".

There are three steps I suggest everyone take immediately:

1) Define what the correct crisis (problem) is for you.
2) Come up with a solution to the problem.
3) Once problem and solution are identified spend all your time and resources on the solution.

Do you even know what the word crisis means as it is thrown around quite loosely today. Crisis, a time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger, also it means (and I like this better), a turning point in a disease when an important change takes place indicating either recovery or death.

The first step is to correctly identify the crisis or problem for you. If you incorrectly identify the problem you can never come up with the correct solution( cure). At this time the media is convincing America that the crisis is increasing fuel and food prices. I don't believe this to be the correct problem because it doesn't explain the financial situation you had when food and fuel were half of what they are today.

Unless you come up with the right problem you can not come up with the right solution. And the solution is where you should spend all of your time and energy. You only identify the problem long enough to come up with the solution, then you spend no more time on the problem and ALL your time on the solution.

The financial crisis in America is not that that Americans waste fuel and food or even spend too much money (even though we do). The real issue is Americans waste their time, energy, efforts and their creativity talking about the problem, watching tv, and reading newspapers rather than spending time and energy on the solution. The solution is ALWAYS PRODUCE MORE. That means work more, give more service and ultimately collect more money!

Now is the time for ACTION and SOLUTIONS that involve Expansion not Contraction. A little hint, all solutions come in acts of expansion never in acts of contraction.

Identify the real problem then spend all of your energy and resources on the solution. Do everything you can to produce more! Get your family involved in producing more. The kids can get involved in your business or get a job themselves and contribute to the increased cost of living in America.

The Solution to $4 Gas by Grant Cardone

In the past week I have done two radio interviews on the gas situation, which the media refers to as the "Gas Crisis". I know this increase in prices is causing a lot of concern and pain for many Americans but crisis seems to be a bit exaggerated. A crisis to me would be earthquake, terminal disease, some major disaster, etc.

Here is the reality on this gas situation. America has paid below world prices for years and not just for gas but food and housing as well. Take a trip to Europe and see what they pay for gas, food and housing and you will know what I mean. Also, Americans have no discipline when it comes to how they use gas, electricity, or food. We drive when and where we want, waste energy like a drug addict uses drugs and we eat too much. We are a country of people that not only waste gas and food but more importantly waste time and effort. The waste of time and effort is the real crisis in America not the cost of fuel. Wasted efforts, wasted time, too little production, too much spending, not enough saving, too much attention on the problem and not enough action regarding a solution!

When individuals or a society won't discipline themselves then the market kicks in and will raise prices in order to discipline the individuals. As long as there is demand and use of a product the prices go up to the point where people finally say, "ok that hurts, no more" and start to limit the use of the product. At that point prices will stop rising.

Now I am not suggesting you quit using gas as a way to solve the problem but I am suggesting that you come up with a solution, quit wasting time, quit complaining and do something productive to counter the increase in prices. I could give you little tricks on how to best conserve gasoline like; fill up in the morning, pump on slow mode, fill up when you get to 1/2 of a tank, coast to the stop lights, and don't rabbit start but these things will only save you pennies and are ultimately not a solution to the problem.

These are the five steps I would suggest to handle the increase at the gas pump:

1) Clearly identify the real problem which is a lack of production. You have to produce more.

2) Change the focus of why you use your automobile. Use your automobile like a piece of equipment and its job is to transport you from one location to another in order for you to produce money. Most people use a car in order to spend money rather than increas production. A guy get in his car and drives to the grocery store to buy a box of cigarettes. He spent half a gallon in gas to make a 5 dollar purchase and then complains the next day about what it cost him to drive to work. Use the car like a piece of equipment and only use it to handle production activities!

3) Know your Exact Increase Cost in Gas. (this is critical to get understanding of the actual cost to you). If you drive 15000 miles a year and your car gets 18 mpg, you are going to need to purchase 833.3 gallons of gas x 4 Dollars equals 3333 a year. You probably spent 2083 last year so the difference is 1217 dollars. (Formula- Miles driven/MPG = Gallons Needed X Cost of Gallon- Cost last year= Increase. (If you consider 1217 dollars a crisis you have led a sheltered life.)

4) Figure out exactly what you have to do to make up the 1217 difference. This is the most important point! Figure out what you have to do to solve this 1217 situation. Production is the only solution to money problems! Produce and Create. Raise your prices, earn a promotion, take on another job, do some work for your rich neighbor- PRODUCE!

5) Economize- Reduce all use of your automobile to ONLY those things that are productive or absolutely necessary. Make a list of only those things that are absolutely necessary use of your vehicle. You can probably decrease your use of fuel by 25% by not wasting trips. Example- Shop on the way home from work and only shop twice a month.

Simply put, use the gas when you have a chance of producing money and discipline yourself not to use gas when you are just going to spend money. Also quit wasting your most valuable assets of time, energy, effort and action!

Grant Cardone, Author, CEO and Entrepreneur

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"The Greats" by Grant Cardone

For thousands of years wealth has been amassed, successes created and riches accumulated by those that could successfully sell, convince and persuade others to support their ideas and products. These people that are able to make their projects, companies and ideas get sold did not approach selling as a job or a career or even an activity anymore than they would consider breathing something you do to stay alive. They approached every opportunity with a full understanding that to get what they wanted they had to sell and close others on supporting them in their dreams and they did so without reservation!

Those successes, riches and wealth still exist today but only for those that fully understand the importance the vital role of selling. Most people never get what they want in life only because they do not know how to sell others on their dreams.

The greatest shortage on this planet is not oil, water or ocean front property, the greatest shortage is of people that fully understand how to sell others on their ideas, their products and their dreams.

Most people think of selling as an activity and this is incorrect as selling is a requirement not an activity. This is good news for those who dare take a moment to conquer this area as the world waits with its fortunes and for most the world selling is a huge blind spot! Billions of people don't even know they need sales in order to achieve their dreams. There are hundreds of millions of people that call themselves salespeople of which only a few of those have even a clue of what they are doing. Then there are "the Greats" which know all the secrets of selling that make the game so easy and that is what this book is about.

The "greats" first, know that selling is not something you do, but something that is required in order to expand, grow and prosper. These people know that the only thing that limits their success is their imagination and the ability to convince others to say yes to their ideas! The "greats" think differently, act differently and work differently. The way rich people think different than poor people, "the Greats" have a different set of rules they live by. They have acquired a different attitude about life as they know all success is only limited to their ability to attain a yes!

They are paid immense fees compared to their peers and they are successful in all their endeavors because they know how to close a deal! Their companies out-produce their competitors, their projects sell out faster, and the charity events they support raise more money! Selling, for these people, is so thoroughly understood and mastered that it requires no effort and no longer looks like selling.

When the economy crashes, the ‘greats’ may experience small dips in production, but they still prosper, while others lose their jobs. The "greats" don’t have ceilings on their earnings and know that their income depends solely on their ability to get in front of customers. When I was twenty-five years of age, I made the commitment to KNOW everything there was to know about the game of selling. Everyday I read and listened to everything I could absorb regarding selling, persuasion, negotiating and closing.

He who knows what he’s doing and every nuance of his career doesn’t have to get enthusiastic, because he KNOWS. When you know something you no longer have to think about what to do you just do. When you KNOW something completely you can predict outcomes successfully. When you KNOW with certainty you will acquire true confidence. When you KNOW for sure others will agree with you because they see you KNOW.

The only shortage on this planet are people that fully understand how to sell others on their dreams. No dream can become reality without someone selling it to others! Inside lies the secrets that will insure your dreams come true:

"Selling The Secret to Success should be put in the hands of anyone who wants to run a successful company and should be the "Bible" for anyone in sales. This book is amazing YOU HAVE TO READ IT.“ Kerri Kasem, Radio Personality

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How Deep is Your Water by Grant Cardone

"Big ships need deep water and were not built to stay at port!" 

I saw this one statement (above) at the age of 27 years old and it changed my life forever. I knew I wasn't playing a big enough game and I was no longer challenging myself enough. I knew I had more potential and I wasn't using it. It also came apparent to me in this life changing moment that in order for me to create the life I wanted everything needed to change!

I had lived in the same town for 27 years, had the same job, same friends, surrounded by the small thinkers and the same challenges day after day, month after month. I was no longer growing!  I had reached the top of my game and I WAS NOT SATISFIED!  Life was good compared to most people but I knew there was more for me.  I knew there were bigger fish to catch and that it required me to go out to the deep water where I could be surrounded by bigger think and people that were really challenging themselves- in the deep water with the "big game".

A big ship at dock is typically only at dock to get supplies or be repaired. Big ships weren't built to sit at the dock or just anchor forever in the same harbor. Big ships were made to sail just like big people are meant to live big dreams and make big things happen!   You can't make that happen in a harbor tied to a dock.

The people that attend my seminars and purchase my training products are like these big ships. They are seeking out new information and new ideas in order to reach new levels of production and happiness!   People with big ambitions have to go out where the water is deep to really find big fish and make their big dreams a reality.   You can never do that with the anchor down in the same port with the same buddies, the same customers, the same kind of think and the same actions. It requires a different action and a different think, it requires that you leave the dock in search of deep waters and big fish!   This idea of deep water can have many meanings for different people. 

It could be anything: 
seeking out new customers, 
going to workshops, 
joining a new community action, 
become a member at a country club, 
move to a more expensive neighborhood that you think you can't afford,  
Anything else that you have wanted to do and are a bit scared to do!

If it doesn't scare you then you are already comfortable which means safe harbors.  Go where you FEAR!  

Pull up anchor, toss the limited thinking overboard, open up the engines and go to full throttle in the directions of your dreams, your goals, and your ambitions. Go find deep water and really challenge yourself. When you do this you will be forced to "up" your game, learn more and do more in order to survive!  

I would bet that more people drown in bath tubs each year than drown in the ocean.  
Personally, if I am going to drown,  I want it to be in deep water~ at least I have a chance of catching big fish and living a full life!

If you want to learn more and challenge yourself more and get more out of your life get my Rules of Success and my new book. These two products will give you want you need to pull up anchor and go find the big fish! Call 800-368-5771.

Grant Cardone-4 Steps to Insure Success!

Neither the next President of the US or the price of gasoline will have anything to do with whether you create success for yourself. If you are waiting for the right president or the oil companies to insure your future you will be disappointed.
While I have my preferences as to who becomes President and would like to see gasoline prices lower, I refuse to let either threaten my survival and have a plan to make sure it does not!
That plan includes the following steps( taken from The Rules of Success):
1) Stay positive.
2) Take only those actions that forward my goals.
3) Stay focused on my goals and disregard the distractions.
4) Stay with those actions regardless of the outcomes until I get what I win!
These four steps when adhered to exactly will insure that a person is successful regardless of who is President of the US or the cost of gasoline.  Each of these steps are critical but the first one is senior to the others.  Each step requires that you financially invest in them not just decide on them!  

The first most important thing is to load your mind up with positive information (daily) no differently than you feed yourself or put fuel in your car.  Write the answer to these questions down- how much did you spend last month on:  
a) food for your body? 
b) fuel for your car?
c) on having a positive attitude and your mental conditioning? 

Your answer by itself will demonstrate why you may have trouble staying focused on what you want, where you are going and then staying with it (2,3,& 4 above)! 

People waste time and money on coffee, cigarettes,  concert tickets, ball games, movies, and fixing their car but when it comes to investing in their minds and their attitudes they don't make the necessary investments.  If the brakes on your car went out you would take your car to the shop? Of course you would.  Trust me, you need your mind more than you need a brakes on your car! Your mind can take you anywhere you want to go when its it great condition! And when it is perfectly tuned you won't get the brakes fixed you will be able to trade the car in for a new one!  Your mind and attitude are the engine, transmission and the drive shaft! Get it right first thing everyday and the rest becomes possible! 

Successful people KNOW that they have to invest in their mental conditioning in order to make their dreams and goals a reality.  Get the first point in today so that you can do the other three steps and create the success you want!   

Call 800-368-5771 and we can tell you the best way to get your attitude right and for those who really want to go on an adventure ask about how to go all the way and permanently eliminate all negativity forever! It is possible!

Recessions are for Economies, NOT Individuals

The television, the radio and the economist continue to report how much is wrong with the American Economy and then viewers and listeners go into agreement with the reports and make the bad news reported become reality for themselves. I have been through about nine of these so called pullbacks over my life-time and have survived every one of them! Here is some data you need:

Recession is defined as a temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in production over two successive quarters.

If you don't personally have a temporary decline or fall in production it means you would not have a recession. RECESSIONS ARE FOR ECONOMIES NOT FOR INDIVIDUALS.

A recession does not mean every individual need participate or that YOU personally have to be impacted. I personally have no intention of being involved in this reported bad news and I refuse to participate with any and all economic declines, pullbacks or shrinkage of any sort. You don't have to participate either if you don't choose to! But in order not to participate you must act differently from the masses of people and do whatever is necessary not to have a decline or fall in your production.

Just remember, what happens to "all people" or even "most people" does not mean it has to happen to you. Just because John and Bob get in a fight at the local bar on Friday night does not mean you have to wake up with a black eye on Saturday morning.

Here is a trick I use to insure I don't participate with pull backs! Look around at what most people are doing and don't do what they do. Those that are affected by recessions actually make it happen to themselves because their actions support that which they hear reported by the media. Disagree with the bad news and know that only your actions not the media can affect you! Then do everything each DAY to make sure you don't participate in the BS news. This is what I do:
1) Focus on exact actions I take daily to expand.
2) Do everything possible to keep my attitude positive daily.
3) Push as hard as possible to get results day to prove the media wrong!
4) Increase my personal training daily.

Don't shrink now, expand! Don't spend less money now, spend more! Don't start putting in budgets now, invest money and expand! Don't agree with bad news, disagree by your actions!

Now is a great opportunity for the strong to get stronger while the weak and undisciplined disappear.

Remember Recessions are for Economies not for Individuals.

Grant Cardone's New Book at AMAZON


Some are saying that Selling the Secret to Success, is the first book in 50 years to offer fresh new ideas and approaches for handling the art of sales!

One CEO read three chapters and ordered 100 copies of the book for his clients to read. Another entrepreneur read half the book and ordered 1000 books for troops
returning from Iraq.   700 people including celebrities, ceo's, artist, bankers, lawyers, automobile conglomerates, and others turned out for Grant Cardone's Book Launch party.

The Hollywood Sentinel Book Review said, "I have read many self help books, and a number of them on selling. But none have given me, in under 200 pages, what this one has. Mr. Cardone gives us in a no frills, high speed manner, his brilliant method to reach total success." Bruce Edwin, Publisher Hollywood Sentinel


Grant Cardone's First Testimonials on New Book

"I just finished reading, Selling the Secret to Success and it is the single best book on Selling I have ever read and I have read them all." MH

"After reading just three chapters I ordered 100 books for my clients." HJ

"This book is easy to read and amazing, full of exact actions I can take to expand my business." RB

"The first new ideas on selling in fifty years. Cardone is the next Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziglar all in one." CW

"I didn't think this book applied to me and was I wrong. Amazing what it revealed to me and already it has increased my production." JB

"Grant Cardone will become the next Zig Ziglar with this one book." EF

"I am making sure everyone of my department heads read this book and then all one thousand of my employees." HT

"After reading just one chapter I booked a job I have been trying to get for months." KK


Why is Grant Cardone's new book on Selling- Selling Out?
What is causing all the interest in this book?
What is in it that is causing people to compare the author to Zig Ziglar and Dale Carnegie.
Why are company executives buying as many as 100 books at a time to train their entire company.
One Florida CEO ordered one hundred books after only reading three chapters and then continued reading
and later ordered 1000 more.
Why are some saying that this book is the first new thing written on sales in forty or fifty years?
The author was asked at a book release party where over seven hundred people has RSVP for the launch why a book
on Selling was important at this time. Cardone says, "No Dream can ever be realized without someone selling someone else
on making that dream come true! Without a complete understanding of SELLING a person will never truly create success for them self or their company."

Selling the Secret to Success is getting international press- CLICK ON LINKS FOR ARTICLES: MARKETWIRE, MSNBC and REUTERS.



Article soon to Be Released

"In just the last three weeks I have received calls and or visits by wealthy real estate investors from Australia, Switzerland, Portugal, London and the Middle East stating to me and I quote, 'AMERICA IS ON SALE!' These individuals are aggressively seeking to buy up as much of America as they can in the current pull-back, with one group wanting to purchase 200 million dollars in the USA", says Cardone in a recent interview.

Over the last eighteen years, real estate developer and motivational speaker Grant Cardone has been able to accurately predict real estate markets. While others are trying to sell their properties he has just recently acquired almost eighty million dollars worth of assets in California alone. This included shopping centers, apartments and an oceanfront La Jolla Development.

Mr. Cardone has a proven record of great timing starting in the early 1990's when he bought 500 apartments in southern California at which time no one was buying and the banks were so gun shy after the savings and loan bailout that it was difficult to get a loan. "When the banks are reluctant is when you should be buying, and when they are giving money away, you should be reluctant", says Cardone. His good timing doesn't appear to be a fluke as he avoided the recent severe pullback in California by selling 90% of his portfolio in 2004 and purchased almost 2000 apts in Tucson, Az in a short three-day period after only one visit! "I am a contrarian investor and we move very fast! The masses go to slaughter so we avoid the actions that become wildly popular and then insure that we and our investors avoid the slaughters."

As of April 2007, Cardone sold his Tucson portfolio and against mass agreement circled back to purchase Southern California while others were avoiding it.

"America is a bargain today and the Americans can not see it. American builders, investors and lenders are all looking in the rear view mirror rather than toward the future and the values of tomorrow. They were either hurt by the recent pull back and are now gun-shy or their cash is tied up in deals they can't get out of or lastly, they have lost their banking relationships and are not able to make new acquisitions. Investors from outside the country see this as their opportunity to purchase American real estate. I had one investor state to me, "American Real Estate is a bargain for us!"

Cardone says, "Those with the courage to purchase now will take advantage of three things that will insure their investments work: 1) the devaluation of the dollar alone will make for as much as a 25% return once the dollar shows any comeback. 2) the significant downward pressure on the real estate values is making for excellent buying opportunities and guys outside the States are able to see it better than Americans. 3) The biggest reason, and the one that is being disregarded by even the most sophisticated real estate people is; due to the amount of negativity and the lack of liquidity in the market there will be restrictions of the creation of new product (inventory) built in the coming years. This will create an under-supply of product that will reveal itself in 2011-2012 in markets where there are barriers to entry. Real estate investors will rewarded with phenomenal upward pricing on existing commercial products like apartments and shopping centers."

Cardone stays focused on a handful of property types and criteria, buying only incredible locations with time horizons of 3-5 years and properties that have some value-ad component. A perfect example was his recent purchase of the world renown Wind and Sea Beach Location in La Jolla, Ca. "I bought this in April and was shocked why local San Diego investors hadn't scooped up this incredible one of a kind location."

Mr. Cardone's positive, forward-looking attitude can't be hurt by that fact that he is an international motivational speaker and Sales Guru long before ever getting involved in real estate. For twenty years he has traveled the globe teaching others how to make the most of their careers. He is also the author of "Selling the Secret to Success", which is being released on April 12th at a book release party at his home in Los Angeles where over four hundred very connected and well to do people, including CEO's, Real Estate Developers, Celebrities, and even Royalty will be in attendance.

Cardone says in his book, "windshields are six feet wide and rear view mirrors are six inches wide and there is a reason why. Opportunities come from the future not from the past."

See Cardone' article on "ITS AMERICA" If what he is saying is true, will America be bought by the Middle East oil money or the Aussies? Either way it appears that Mr. Cardone plans on owning as much of America as he can before that happens!

Grant Cardone - The Price Myth

Excerpts from Grant Cardone's New Book
("Selling the Secret to Success"- on Amazon)

Survey all of the salespeople in the world, even entrepreneurs, you’d find that most believe that price is the number one reason people don't buy their product or service. This is absolutely not true. Sales are loss by because people within the company incorrectly believe price is the reason customers do not buy their product.
Earning business is ultimately about getting the buyer to fall in love with the product and/or getting the buyer to have complete and urgent confidence that the product or service offered will solve their problems better than any other!
The Price Experiment
I once had a salesperson tell me that if the price of my seminar tickets was lower he’d be able to sell twice as many tickets. To prove a point I put on an experiment to prove that a lower price would not insure more sales. I offered a Grant Cardone seminar in Detroit at one-tenth (10%) of the normal price. Detroit has always been one of our best-attended seminar markets so it would prove an excellent testing ground. There was only one stipulation to our little experiment so that we could properly test out his little theory. The sales person would not be allowed to sell the product so that we could determine if price would sell the ticket.

Result: the lowest attendance of any seminar I have given in twenty years. Sixteen people bought tickets for 1/10 of the normal price and we normally have four hundred in attendance.

Reality #1- if price will get the job done there would be no need for salespeople anywhere and that would create a problem for 25% of the world’s workforce.

Reality #2-If the company keeps reducing the price there will be no margin left for commissions resulting in a problem for 25% of the entire world workforce.

Reality #3- Price is never why someone will or will not buy something from your company, they buy because of love and confidence.

If you want a successful career in sales or you want a successful company you must completely dismiss the idea that price will sell a product, as it will not!

Also, price is not your problem to solve, but should be the customers problem to solve. Your problem is to get people to fall in love with your product to the point that they don’t want to spend another second without it! If you are selling a service or product that doesn’t have that love connection then you have to make the buyer confident in your product that that they want to pay your price because they believe that it will improve their company somehow or solve some problem that they want solved! Even remotely entertaining the concept that price is the reason people don’t buy will result in you failing!
This belief should be treated like the plague in any organization.
It is critical and vital to an individual’s existence and a company’s survival that this false belief about price be removed from the culture or the company will cease to exist. Just this week ATA, Skybus and Aloha Airlines went out of business due to the belief that price could sell their services!
This was only one short excerpt from Selling the Secret to Success.

"This book clearly defines the difference between price, people and passionate service. Selling the Secret to Success is a must read for anyone who wants to succeed in life." Howard Tenenbaum COO Keyes Automotive Group

Recent press on the book
Call 800-368-5771 for your copy today as we are almost sold out of first edition.


Regardless of your position, whether it be banker, actor, mortgage broker, doctor, general contractor, teacher, car sales person, business owner, entrepreneur, executive, hairstylist, chiropractor, fund raiser, homeless person or whatever, you are probably feeling the effects of tightening economic times. Call this tightening whatever you might your real focus should not be on describing what it is but how you are going to be successful regardless of it.

If you are feeling concerned of how this tightening will affect you it is only because you know there is some weakness or deficiencies in your game plan. To insure your expansion and ultimately your chances at financial freedom it is vital during times like these that you really tighten down and get on your "A Game".

To become Financially Free a person must have four things tightened down:
1) An undying desire, intent and willingness to be Financially Free.
2) The right mental mindset to become Financially Free which entails how you think and all your surroundings.
3) Create only those actions that will guarantee your Financial Freedom.
4) Learn everything you can about selling, persuasion and negotiating as Financial Freedom is impossible without this skill.

I meet a lot of people in my travels that swear they have number (1) handled. Upon closer inspection most discover that their commitment waivers as they are not actually willing to do WHATEVER it takes to attain Financial Freedom. Sure you can hope and wish for it, but you have to want it so bad that nothing will stop you, certainly not a little "recession". This is when you have to be so determined and so clear about what it is you want. I have worked on strengthening this skill my entire life so that I could insure myself of Financial Freedom and get what I want out of life. Intention, like any discipline,is like a muscle that must be used everyday to get strong. Check out my Rules of Success program.

#2-The right mental attitude is something that many people work toward but few really ever get handled completely as they let so many other things influence them negatively. If you really want to be Financially Free you have to make it a must to make sure all negativity is stopped around you. In my book, Selling the Secret to Success, I give you one exercise to do that will put you in control of your mental attitude immediately. It is actually an exercise that develops a discipline so that you are able to inventory negativity, categorize it and start knocking it out. There is also another suggestion in the book for erasing it completely but that requires a phone call for only the most serious of Financial Freedom Seekers.

(3) While all people may have been created equal, all actions are not created equal and some are actually useless action-activities. Other actions pay off with small flows (very important) and some are gusher actions (life changing). You want to confine your actions that result in flows and gushers. Most people spend there day in actions that will not set them free, but in reality, further bind them their shackles. Others only go for the big quick gusher payoffs which don't happen as often. You need the small flow and the Gusher Actions to get where you want to go. This takes studying what others have done to really cash in and attain Financial Freedom. People don't take enough time to study others that have attained success and then figure out what actions they will have to take to get them their financial freedom.

And the most important, (4), Financial Freedom is impossible without the ability to sell your ideas to others. My book, Selling the Secret to Success is not as a tactical sales manual of how to selling techniques but rather shows the reader the vital importance of selling to all people regardless of their position. The biggest deals I have done in my life required 90% sales and 10% administrative. This ration you will find holds true with any level of success or failure a person experiences in their life. This thing called selling is not a bad word, or something that you should detest, but is actually the life blood of every successful organization, individual or great idea. No success or Financial Freedom will ever come without the ability to sell and persuade others to believe and take action as well. The world is filled with great ideas and short on people that can sell them.

My goal is to make twenty-five people Financially Free this year. Call my office and lets figure out what we have to do to make you one of them.

Grant Cardone
Author Selling the Secret to Success

Grant Cardone -Morningstar and Hollywood Reporter

Hello Everyone,

The new book, "Selling - The Secret to Success" is generating lots of interest and was recently mentioned on several mainstream news outlets, including Morningstar and The Hollywood Reporter.

Click the links below to read the whole story and to get more information:

Grant Cardone Says "Don't Forget, It's America"

While our country seems to be experiencing challenging times, don't forget this is AMERICA. Even while the dollar hits all time lows, the stock markets is on a roller coaster, real estate has taken historical hits, our politicians haven't demonstrated the best in judgement and we as a country are criticized around the world, but don't forget- it's still America.

All you have to do is go visit another country, any country for a couple of weeks, and you will appreciate all that America has to offer and what makes it such an incredible place to live. It is my observation that many of us have come to take America for granted, forgetting all the great comforts and freedoms offered by our country. It is easy to love a place when everything is good, but a little harder to show appreciation when times get a little tough.

In this country no one will stop any individual that truly wants to improve his life. This is a country where a person is admired for his achievements, his ambition, his creativity and his commitment to follow through! This is a country where anyone that wants to get an education can get an education. 80% of the entire US population gets a high school degree (census 2006). No matter how bad a shape the schools may be in, we have schools that other countries would die to have. We have transit systems, lighted highways, roads, and telecommunications that other countries only have plans to have. Most of us have heating, electricity and plumbing and those that don't, can if they work hard enough. This is a country where the unemployed can get employed if they really want to work, the hungry can feed themselves, and where the poor can become rich if they want to do bad enough. This is a country where televisions, microwaves, automobiles and telephones are considered basics and other countries consider them luxury items.

While it seems popular to criticize what America does wrong, I would love to see more people stand up and defend all that America does right. This is not to suggest I am unaware of the number of things we can do better and should improve, but all the complaining, the problems, and the challenges does not change the fact that this is America. For those of you that can only find wrong with our country remember you are FREE to leave. Canada and Mexico are both close and you will come running back in less than a year. Really unhappy and feeling adventurous, you can wander off a little further. I hear there are plenty of opportunities in Iraq, Iran, China, Korea, and Venezuela. I hear a lot of people complaining, but I don't see anyone leaving!

I love America and I love its future and while I know we need to improve many things, I still know that its America. Recently I made three more major real estate acquisitions knowing that regardless of today's problems America is a great investment for the long term. My brother recently had a friend visit from Portugal who on the very same trip he bought property as he saw so much value here. An Australian businessman flew in to meet me at my home as he was interested in buying from me. I asked him why he was shopping for real estate in America and he said, It's America!

Don't forget Americans- it's America!
Please forward this blog to one more person and ask them to do the same.

Grant Cardone, Author

Grant Cardone-How to PROSPER Through a Recession

The only way to insure that you are not affected by the so called coming "recession" is to sell your way out.
Those that can sell will survive and those that refuse to sell themselves, their company and their services will succumb. Now, more than any other time in recent history is the time to sell and promote in massive amounts. If you try to promote at the same levels you did in earlier years you will feel the tightening of the economy and you will feel it in a very big and painful way!

The problem is not whether the economy is shrinking, the problem is that people shrink. At times like these people submit and go into apathy with only enough energy left over to blame the economy, the government, the housing crisis or whatever they can blame. This is an incorrect response and will not aid a person, a group or a company in finding a way out. The only solution is to promote and sell your way out!

So many people misunderstand this thinking that sales has nothing to do with them. Wrong! The world is made of sales people and no matter your role, position or title your life depends on selling. At this time in your life you need to know how to win at this thing called selling so you can insure your place in the marketplace. Selling means getting your way, getting others to say yes to you, getting others to support you, getting others to believe in you, getting your products into the marketplace, getting others to see your way of seeing things, and causing others to act in a positive fashion that will support you in surviving.

Those that can sell will succeed and those that can not will not suffer to that degree. There are over 6 billion sales people on this planet and most of them have no idea that selling is THE secret to their success. No single individual or business can survive without the ability to sell and persuade others. When you no longer sell yourself and your services you will cease to survive and therein lies the story of Bear Stearns.

Now is the time to sharpen your skills so that no one can say no to you!
Now is the time to sharpen your attitude so that others want to be like you!
Now is the time to expand, promote, produce and succeed.

Grant Cardone
Author, Selling the Secret to Success

Grant Cardone on The Main Thing

In the last fifty years of my life there have been nine recessions, four housing bust, six major stock market crashes and four major wars that the US alone, has participated in.

Also in those fifty years there have been more millionaires and billionaires made than in any other fifty year period in history. Those people became rich because they kept the main thing the main thing. The main thing is tomorrow, the future and what you will do to contribute to creating a better future for the world. The people that can disregard the bad news, the past, and focus on what they can produce for tomorrow will prosper and make a difference. Everyone else is just a spectator not a player and not a difference maker!

Fifty years ago, there was no Starbuck's coffee on every street corner, no cell phones, no hope of electric Cars, no computers, no internet, no Tivo, no email, no email, no Google, no Hummers, no flat screen tv's, no artificial grass, we didn't have venetian plaster, CRM follow up Systems, customer satisfaction reports, 40MM Watches, one hundred and fifty dollar blue jeans, and thousand dollar purses, there was no 24 screen movie theatres, huge city size theme get the point. The people that created these things have made fortunes and they deserve it. They kept their attention on creating and producing a future not on talking about what happened yesterday! These people were so focused on their dreams and the future they either disregarded the bad news or had so much attention on producing they had no attention for the things that were bad!

It would appear that the people that cry the most are the people that do the least! And the people that do the most have the least time to cry!

Nothing is more important than a person's ability to keep the main thing the main thing! And the main thing is always in your future never in your past. Get focused on what you will produce, create and contribute to the future and your life will change in seconds!

grant cardone

Grant Cardone's - Push Through Your Fears

GRANT CARDONE SUCCESS BLOG: Grant Cardone's - Rules of Success - Don't Fear Failure

Whatever you fear you will find is what is most likely to get what you want! Push through those things you are scared of. Look at it, observe it, hold it and you will find on the other side of every fear you have is courage, strength, power and discovery. Fear has been said is false events appearing real. This is so true for me since being a little boy to a full grown man.

Quit pulling away from your fears, embrace them, move through them and you will conquer them.

Grant Cardone's Video - Don't Fear Failure

Grant Cardone on Creating Wealth

I did a seminar yesterday in Tampa for 400 people who are all looking for a way/ways to create financial freedom in their lives.

There are only two answers to insure you create financial freedom.

1) Put together a plan based on saving and investing not spending.
2) Produce at levels that guarantee that you reach your financial goals.

It works like this: Figure first how much money you need to be financially independent, take the number of years you are willing to take to accomplished the goal. Then divide the desired financial target by the years you chose. IE. 1,000,000 in 20 years, would mean you need to set aside $4000 a month every month for 240 months. With only minimal interest and never putting any of the money at risk you would be well in excess of 1,000,000.

The second step would be: Figure out basic living expenses, and other cost and state and federal income taxes and add the 4000 a month you want to save you have the number you need to produce every month!

Then do whatever it takes to produce that amount, whether it's worker harder at one job or taking on several jobs.

Millionaires become millionaires due to focus on an outcome, hard work, consistent effort at their goals, saving money not spending money, and doing whatever they have to do to create financial freedom for themselves and their loved ones.

Get you financial plan in now! Also get your attitude right everyday so you think like a millionaire. If you already have my Rules of Success program listen to one cd a day. If you don't have it, Get it. 800-368-5771

grant cardone

Grant Cardone Success Advice-Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward

When it comes to getting what you want out of life there is no one that can make it happen but you. And to get the job done so that life rewards you with all you've gone after, you need to keep moving forward.
For me, moving forward has always been about intention and commitment to keep moving forward regardless. Method is negligible, meaning I in less interested in the mechanics than the intention and action of just merely moving forward. How do you get to the other side- move forward one step or many steps at a time.

This idea of just moving forward drives some people nuts, but to me, it's not about how to get up the mountain. Keep moving to the top regardless of your equipment. The most idea situation is that you have all the best equipment, the best training and you are completely prepared for the adventure. But in life that is not always the case. Sometimes you will find yourself without the perfect equipment, without the resources, maybe even without the training or education but still needed to get to the top. The only way to do so is to keep moving forward! It's about actually getting there regardless. To be completely unreasonable in your quest to get to "that place" where ever that may be requires to keep moving forward. S

I keep my intention set on reaching the goal is what matters to me regardless of my abilities. That is why I can get things accomplished that many say is impossible. I disregard the mechanics, the mathematics, even the problem itself and just keep pushing. I find myself always miraculously figuring out how to overcome the obstacles and solve the problems as I am doing getting to the top.

My accomplishments in life have all come to me by moving forward, despite questions and setbacks. I encourage you adopt this attitude. The method will show up as you move forward. I guarantee it will work for you!
Call us and we'll show you how to get started.

Grant Cardone

Cardone Success: Through Failure To Freedom

.: Through Failure To Freedom

Grant Cardone Video-Through Failure To Freedom


Grant Cardone Eating Fire to Celebrate 
His New Hot Book Selling the Secret to Success
Fear is the great indicator that wealthy and successful people use as a sign that it is time to push through and get to the other side where their expansion lies. Unsuccessful people, who are assured to never have wealth or happiness stop every time they get afraid. All people experience fear, it is how you respond to it that ultimately makes the difference in your life.  

Now eating fire as I am doing in the photo above will certainly not make you successful but it was done to prove a point that a person can do anything they want, even overcome their fears, if they confront them and then commit to overcoming them and NEVER PULL AWAY.  Had I not fully committing to the fear of the fire I would have burnt myself.  

Successful people are willing to push through, even when they are uncomfortable.  They get close to the fire, embrace the heat and push through!    Unsuccessful people use fear as their excuse to retreat and not take action and then get burnt. Retreating insures people that they will be safe, and by itself guarantees these people will never get to those places they dream of. You have to be willing to get uncomfortable to ever achieve being financially comfortable!

Fear, much like a yellow light about to turn red causes you to make a choice; you can either stop or speed up and get through the intersection or stop. Successful people elect to hit the accelerator to get through the light so that they can get to the other side. Unsuccessful people stop each time they see a yellow light in their life.

Mark Twain said, "most of the things I am afraid of never happened to me."

Let fear be the sign for you to push through and take action and you will never hurt yourself by doing so! Do it anyway even though you may be scared, get uncomfortable and grow this ability so that you can have all that you want in your life! On the other side of fear awaits all your dreams!   And quit blowing the fire out and learn to eat the fire instead and you can too.

grant cardone