Grant Cardone Says "Don't Forget, It's America"

While our country seems to be experiencing challenging times, don't forget this is AMERICA. Even while the dollar hits all time lows, the stock markets is on a roller coaster, real estate has taken historical hits, our politicians haven't demonstrated the best in judgement and we as a country are criticized around the world, but don't forget- it's still America.

All you have to do is go visit another country, any country for a couple of weeks, and you will appreciate all that America has to offer and what makes it such an incredible place to live. It is my observation that many of us have come to take America for granted, forgetting all the great comforts and freedoms offered by our country. It is easy to love a place when everything is good, but a little harder to show appreciation when times get a little tough.

In this country no one will stop any individual that truly wants to improve his life. This is a country where a person is admired for his achievements, his ambition, his creativity and his commitment to follow through! This is a country where anyone that wants to get an education can get an education. 80% of the entire US population gets a high school degree (census 2006). No matter how bad a shape the schools may be in, we have schools that other countries would die to have. We have transit systems, lighted highways, roads, and telecommunications that other countries only have plans to have. Most of us have heating, electricity and plumbing and those that don't, can if they work hard enough. This is a country where the unemployed can get employed if they really want to work, the hungry can feed themselves, and where the poor can become rich if they want to do bad enough. This is a country where televisions, microwaves, automobiles and telephones are considered basics and other countries consider them luxury items.

While it seems popular to criticize what America does wrong, I would love to see more people stand up and defend all that America does right. This is not to suggest I am unaware of the number of things we can do better and should improve, but all the complaining, the problems, and the challenges does not change the fact that this is America. For those of you that can only find wrong with our country remember you are FREE to leave. Canada and Mexico are both close and you will come running back in less than a year. Really unhappy and feeling adventurous, you can wander off a little further. I hear there are plenty of opportunities in Iraq, Iran, China, Korea, and Venezuela. I hear a lot of people complaining, but I don't see anyone leaving!

I love America and I love its future and while I know we need to improve many things, I still know that its America. Recently I made three more major real estate acquisitions knowing that regardless of today's problems America is a great investment for the long term. My brother recently had a friend visit from Portugal who on the very same trip he bought property as he saw so much value here. An Australian businessman flew in to meet me at my home as he was interested in buying from me. I asked him why he was shopping for real estate in America and he said, It's America!

Don't forget Americans- it's America!
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Grant Cardone, Author


Anonymous said...

I love America! I love Americans...even the ones who don't know how priveleged they are. And I love people willing to stand up and be counted as patriots. I applaud your courageous patriotism.

simplesimonds said...

I am in complete agreement. We were sharing this with some people we knew and one person responded I'd vote for him if he ran for government.

Why is it so hard for people to acknowledge what we have, move forward together, working towards improvement with an attitude of gratitude.

America is great lets make it better!

Joe godfrey said...

Great post. We need more Americans talking about how great this country is and how lucky we are. We live in a country that values and fights for freedom both here in America and abroad. We live in the greatest economy the world has ever known, we ARE the land of opportunity and we were blessed with founders who gave us the foundation to pursue what makes us happy.