Recessions are for Economies, NOT Individuals

The television, the radio and the economist continue to report how much is wrong with the American Economy and then viewers and listeners go into agreement with the reports and make the bad news reported become reality for themselves. I have been through about nine of these so called pullbacks over my life-time and have survived every one of them! Here is some data you need:

Recession is defined as a temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in production over two successive quarters.

If you don't personally have a temporary decline or fall in production it means you would not have a recession. RECESSIONS ARE FOR ECONOMIES NOT FOR INDIVIDUALS.

A recession does not mean every individual need participate or that YOU personally have to be impacted. I personally have no intention of being involved in this reported bad news and I refuse to participate with any and all economic declines, pullbacks or shrinkage of any sort. You don't have to participate either if you don't choose to! But in order not to participate you must act differently from the masses of people and do whatever is necessary not to have a decline or fall in your production.

Just remember, what happens to "all people" or even "most people" does not mean it has to happen to you. Just because John and Bob get in a fight at the local bar on Friday night does not mean you have to wake up with a black eye on Saturday morning.

Here is a trick I use to insure I don't participate with pull backs! Look around at what most people are doing and don't do what they do. Those that are affected by recessions actually make it happen to themselves because their actions support that which they hear reported by the media. Disagree with the bad news and know that only your actions not the media can affect you! Then do everything each DAY to make sure you don't participate in the BS news. This is what I do:
1) Focus on exact actions I take daily to expand.
2) Do everything possible to keep my attitude positive daily.
3) Push as hard as possible to get results day to prove the media wrong!
4) Increase my personal training daily.

Don't shrink now, expand! Don't spend less money now, spend more! Don't start putting in budgets now, invest money and expand! Don't agree with bad news, disagree by your actions!

Now is a great opportunity for the strong to get stronger while the weak and undisciplined disappear.

Remember Recessions are for Economies not for Individuals.

Grant Cardone's New Book at AMAZON


Some are saying that Selling the Secret to Success, is the first book in 50 years to offer fresh new ideas and approaches for handling the art of sales!

One CEO read three chapters and ordered 100 copies of the book for his clients to read. Another entrepreneur read half the book and ordered 1000 books for troops
returning from Iraq.   700 people including celebrities, ceo's, artist, bankers, lawyers, automobile conglomerates, and others turned out for Grant Cardone's Book Launch party.

The Hollywood Sentinel Book Review said, "I have read many self help books, and a number of them on selling. But none have given me, in under 200 pages, what this one has. Mr. Cardone gives us in a no frills, high speed manner, his brilliant method to reach total success." Bruce Edwin, Publisher Hollywood Sentinel


Grant Cardone's First Testimonials on New Book

"I just finished reading, Selling the Secret to Success and it is the single best book on Selling I have ever read and I have read them all." MH

"After reading just three chapters I ordered 100 books for my clients." HJ

"This book is easy to read and amazing, full of exact actions I can take to expand my business." RB

"The first new ideas on selling in fifty years. Cardone is the next Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziglar all in one." CW

"I didn't think this book applied to me and was I wrong. Amazing what it revealed to me and already it has increased my production." JB

"Grant Cardone will become the next Zig Ziglar with this one book." EF

"I am making sure everyone of my department heads read this book and then all one thousand of my employees." HT

"After reading just one chapter I booked a job I have been trying to get for months." KK


Why is Grant Cardone's new book on Selling- Selling Out?
What is causing all the interest in this book?
What is in it that is causing people to compare the author to Zig Ziglar and Dale Carnegie.
Why are company executives buying as many as 100 books at a time to train their entire company.
One Florida CEO ordered one hundred books after only reading three chapters and then continued reading
and later ordered 1000 more.
Why are some saying that this book is the first new thing written on sales in forty or fifty years?
The author was asked at a book release party where over seven hundred people has RSVP for the launch why a book
on Selling was important at this time. Cardone says, "No Dream can ever be realized without someone selling someone else
on making that dream come true! Without a complete understanding of SELLING a person will never truly create success for them self or their company."

Selling the Secret to Success is getting international press- CLICK ON LINKS FOR ARTICLES: MARKETWIRE, MSNBC and REUTERS.



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"In just the last three weeks I have received calls and or visits by wealthy real estate investors from Australia, Switzerland, Portugal, London and the Middle East stating to me and I quote, 'AMERICA IS ON SALE!' These individuals are aggressively seeking to buy up as much of America as they can in the current pull-back, with one group wanting to purchase 200 million dollars in the USA", says Cardone in a recent interview.

Over the last eighteen years, real estate developer and motivational speaker Grant Cardone has been able to accurately predict real estate markets. While others are trying to sell their properties he has just recently acquired almost eighty million dollars worth of assets in California alone. This included shopping centers, apartments and an oceanfront La Jolla Development.

Mr. Cardone has a proven record of great timing starting in the early 1990's when he bought 500 apartments in southern California at which time no one was buying and the banks were so gun shy after the savings and loan bailout that it was difficult to get a loan. "When the banks are reluctant is when you should be buying, and when they are giving money away, you should be reluctant", says Cardone. His good timing doesn't appear to be a fluke as he avoided the recent severe pullback in California by selling 90% of his portfolio in 2004 and purchased almost 2000 apts in Tucson, Az in a short three-day period after only one visit! "I am a contrarian investor and we move very fast! The masses go to slaughter so we avoid the actions that become wildly popular and then insure that we and our investors avoid the slaughters."

As of April 2007, Cardone sold his Tucson portfolio and against mass agreement circled back to purchase Southern California while others were avoiding it.

"America is a bargain today and the Americans can not see it. American builders, investors and lenders are all looking in the rear view mirror rather than toward the future and the values of tomorrow. They were either hurt by the recent pull back and are now gun-shy or their cash is tied up in deals they can't get out of or lastly, they have lost their banking relationships and are not able to make new acquisitions. Investors from outside the country see this as their opportunity to purchase American real estate. I had one investor state to me, "American Real Estate is a bargain for us!"

Cardone says, "Those with the courage to purchase now will take advantage of three things that will insure their investments work: 1) the devaluation of the dollar alone will make for as much as a 25% return once the dollar shows any comeback. 2) the significant downward pressure on the real estate values is making for excellent buying opportunities and guys outside the States are able to see it better than Americans. 3) The biggest reason, and the one that is being disregarded by even the most sophisticated real estate people is; due to the amount of negativity and the lack of liquidity in the market there will be restrictions of the creation of new product (inventory) built in the coming years. This will create an under-supply of product that will reveal itself in 2011-2012 in markets where there are barriers to entry. Real estate investors will rewarded with phenomenal upward pricing on existing commercial products like apartments and shopping centers."

Cardone stays focused on a handful of property types and criteria, buying only incredible locations with time horizons of 3-5 years and properties that have some value-ad component. A perfect example was his recent purchase of the world renown Wind and Sea Beach Location in La Jolla, Ca. "I bought this in April and was shocked why local San Diego investors hadn't scooped up this incredible one of a kind location."

Mr. Cardone's positive, forward-looking attitude can't be hurt by that fact that he is an international motivational speaker and Sales Guru long before ever getting involved in real estate. For twenty years he has traveled the globe teaching others how to make the most of their careers. He is also the author of "Selling the Secret to Success", which is being released on April 12th at a book release party at his home in Los Angeles where over four hundred very connected and well to do people, including CEO's, Real Estate Developers, Celebrities, and even Royalty will be in attendance.

Cardone says in his book, "windshields are six feet wide and rear view mirrors are six inches wide and there is a reason why. Opportunities come from the future not from the past."

See Cardone' article on "ITS AMERICA" If what he is saying is true, will America be bought by the Middle East oil money or the Aussies? Either way it appears that Mr. Cardone plans on owning as much of America as he can before that happens!

Grant Cardone - The Price Myth

Excerpts from Grant Cardone's New Book
("Selling the Secret to Success"- on Amazon)

Survey all of the salespeople in the world, even entrepreneurs, you’d find that most believe that price is the number one reason people don't buy their product or service. This is absolutely not true. Sales are loss by because people within the company incorrectly believe price is the reason customers do not buy their product.
Earning business is ultimately about getting the buyer to fall in love with the product and/or getting the buyer to have complete and urgent confidence that the product or service offered will solve their problems better than any other!
The Price Experiment
I once had a salesperson tell me that if the price of my seminar tickets was lower he’d be able to sell twice as many tickets. To prove a point I put on an experiment to prove that a lower price would not insure more sales. I offered a Grant Cardone seminar in Detroit at one-tenth (10%) of the normal price. Detroit has always been one of our best-attended seminar markets so it would prove an excellent testing ground. There was only one stipulation to our little experiment so that we could properly test out his little theory. The sales person would not be allowed to sell the product so that we could determine if price would sell the ticket.

Result: the lowest attendance of any seminar I have given in twenty years. Sixteen people bought tickets for 1/10 of the normal price and we normally have four hundred in attendance.

Reality #1- if price will get the job done there would be no need for salespeople anywhere and that would create a problem for 25% of the world’s workforce.

Reality #2-If the company keeps reducing the price there will be no margin left for commissions resulting in a problem for 25% of the entire world workforce.

Reality #3- Price is never why someone will or will not buy something from your company, they buy because of love and confidence.

If you want a successful career in sales or you want a successful company you must completely dismiss the idea that price will sell a product, as it will not!

Also, price is not your problem to solve, but should be the customers problem to solve. Your problem is to get people to fall in love with your product to the point that they don’t want to spend another second without it! If you are selling a service or product that doesn’t have that love connection then you have to make the buyer confident in your product that that they want to pay your price because they believe that it will improve their company somehow or solve some problem that they want solved! Even remotely entertaining the concept that price is the reason people don’t buy will result in you failing!
This belief should be treated like the plague in any organization.
It is critical and vital to an individual’s existence and a company’s survival that this false belief about price be removed from the culture or the company will cease to exist. Just this week ATA, Skybus and Aloha Airlines went out of business due to the belief that price could sell their services!
This was only one short excerpt from Selling the Secret to Success.

"This book clearly defines the difference between price, people and passionate service. Selling the Secret to Success is a must read for anyone who wants to succeed in life." Howard Tenenbaum COO Keyes Automotive Group

Recent press on the book
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