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Fear is the great indicator that wealthy and successful people use as a sign that it is time to push through and get to the other side where their expansion lies. Unsuccessful people, who are assured to never have wealth or happiness stop every time they get afraid. All people experience fear, it is how you respond to it that ultimately makes the difference in your life.  

Now eating fire as I am doing in the photo above will certainly not make you successful but it was done to prove a point that a person can do anything they want, even overcome their fears, if they confront them and then commit to overcoming them and NEVER PULL AWAY.  Had I not fully committing to the fear of the fire I would have burnt myself.  

Successful people are willing to push through, even when they are uncomfortable.  They get close to the fire, embrace the heat and push through!    Unsuccessful people use fear as their excuse to retreat and not take action and then get burnt. Retreating insures people that they will be safe, and by itself guarantees these people will never get to those places they dream of. You have to be willing to get uncomfortable to ever achieve being financially comfortable!

Fear, much like a yellow light about to turn red causes you to make a choice; you can either stop or speed up and get through the intersection or stop. Successful people elect to hit the accelerator to get through the light so that they can get to the other side. Unsuccessful people stop each time they see a yellow light in their life.

Mark Twain said, "most of the things I am afraid of never happened to me."

Let fear be the sign for you to push through and take action and you will never hurt yourself by doing so! Do it anyway even though you may be scared, get uncomfortable and grow this ability so that you can have all that you want in your life! On the other side of fear awaits all your dreams!   And quit blowing the fire out and learn to eat the fire instead and you can too.

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I wake up today grateful to be alive and grateful to have this one day that lies ahead of me.

I wake up today grateful to have opportunities and commit myself to making the most of them.

I wake up today grateful to be able to work and will do everything possible to get results today.

I wake up grateful for my mental capabilities and will use my mind to solve problems.

I wake up today grateful for problems and will put attention on solving them, not causing them.

I wake up today grateful for my attitude and will use it to make others smile and commit to spreading good news, not bad news.

I wake up today grateful for the power of choice and use that power to choose how I act today.

I wake up today, grateful for even being grateful.

Pass this on to others- it might make someone grateful!

Grant Cardone

Recession Depends on Your Impression

Everyday the pundits are predicting whether we headed for a recession or not. What does it matter? While they make their predictions you could be taking actions to insure you don't participate. Regardless of the economy or the circumstances you don't have to be effect unless you go into agreement with the conditions.

The media continues to promote the possibility of a recession, a slow down and a pull back. Call it what you will, it doesn't have to affect you! The fact that some will be affected does not necessarily mean YOU will be affected. Just because it is flu season doesn't automatically mean you have to get the flu. Just because there is a car wreck on the highway doesn't mean you have to be involved in it. It is only your impression of what happens that ultimately affects you.

If you choose to expand at this time and follow that decision up with actions then you will expand. If you elect to contract then you will contract.

Personally these are my favorite times, economically, as they cause others to introvert and contract (pull in) while I continue to expand and extrovert (expand). My competitors get smaller and I get bigger. I love it!

Real estate, automobiles, lending, retail all have expectations of lower sales. So what! Recession doesn't mean STOP. It means recess. So don't take a recess! So what if there is a 10-20% pullback?  That leaves 80% for you to focus on.  You probably didn't get any of that extra twenty percent last year anyway. Does it mean it might not be as easy? Maybe, maybe not! Look, if you don't stay focused, don't work every opportunity everyday, and don't have and maintain a good attitude it will be more difficult.

It is only your "impression" that decides whether you will be affected by "the recession." Your mindset, your actions and the decisions you make everyday will determine whether you participate in "the recession".

Don't participate in "the recession" Disagree with it and maximize every opportunity available to you. Get my program, "Maximizing Every Opportunity." It will show you how to make the most of every possible opportunity available to you!

Quit Participating in Bad News and Start Producing Great Results!

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone Rules Of Success Millionaire Program

Aim High!

Most people never get their aim high enough and therefore don't get what they want out of life. They end up in relationships that aren't satisfying, homes they don't love, careers they don't have passion for and on and on.  Others even teach that you should not have high expectations in life as expectations lead to a life of disappointments. 

I say, "better to be disappointed because you set your expectations to high and came up short, than to have no expectations and be assured of disappointment in your life.  The adventure of life is in going for what you want, not in actually getting it, but going for it."
You have to shoot higher than where you desire to get to even get close to what you want. And after you set your targets than you have to keep pushing until you get it.  Most people underestimate the amount of effort, energy and resources that are required to reach a destination and then later come up short.   But befor
e they underestimate the effort they are convinced not to dream big enough in the first place. 

Dream big and you get big, dream little and you may get nothing at all.  Then follow your big think and your big dreams with big and constant actions and make sure those actions are followed up with lots more action.  

The home I live in today I had to pay extra for because it has this view (see above) that I fell in love with.   I have always dreamed and wanted a view like that and followed up my dream with the actions necessary to have it.  So I trust my dreams when I see them. 
I follow them regardless of all the obstacles, difficulties, the cost, the fear and whatever else. 
 I follow my dreams until I have them and then I enjoy them and find out I deserve them and that it all works out somehow!

If your aim is high and your actions endless you will still be assured to end up with those things you have always dreamed of and a life that will never disappoint you!


Grant Cardone on Attitude and Altitude

Attitude and Altitude

This weeks tip contains one of the most powerful pieces of information I've learned. In the past weeks we've been talking about attitude. How to control it, improve it, how to maintain it, and how to get whatever you want with it!  Now lets talk about the "why". What is it about your attitude in your career that is so important?

Sure you want to feel good, be positive and happy, but what does an attitude directly have to do with your ability to enhance your career, goals, and income?  Most people say ABSOLUTELY.

For as long as I can recall I've been aware of this powerful fact:
"People will pay more for a great attitude than they will for a great product."

This one principle can be viewed as the place where attitude and production meet.

I will pay more for an agreeable, positive and light hearted enjoyable fun-loving experience than I will for the product itself and others will too. It has been proven throughout history that man will give all of his riches to feel good and be entertained.  And that is why more calls will be received for one American Idol than all the votes for President of the United States.

It's easy to say "no" to a product or a price or proposal but it is extremely difficult to say "no" to a truly positive experience with another human being.

Remember this: Your product, service or idea can be shopped!  Your price can be beat! Sooner or later someone will improve the product!  But a great attitude can not be shopped, can't be bought and nothing is more desirable than a positive, up beat, can do attitude!


Grant Cardone, CEO

Don't Be Scared!

Don't Be Scared!

The greats never stop because of rejection or failure. They laugh it off and move forward.

If this email catches you at a time when you just experienced some failure or rejection then just do what the great one's do; laugh it off and go get some more.

Almost as though you are crazy or maladjusted- Laugh about it. Someone once saw me handle a failure like this and I laughed and just kicked up my action. He said, "dude you are severely maladjusted to have that response"...

I took this as a compliment, knowing I never want to become "well adjusted" like most people. I would prefer the label of maladjusted.

Do what the greats do= Laugh it off and forge forward!

Imagine if all of the great thinkers and doers stopped because of rejection and/or failure where would we be?

Can you imagine what the world would be like if no one reached through failure to grasp their dreams?

Or worse yet, a world where no dreams existed because everyone was too beat down to know what they were really capable of.

This is all fear-based think and belongs in the trash.

The next time failure and rejection come your way LAUGH AND DO SOME MORE, LIKE ONE OF US MALADJUSTED FOLKS!

The only barrier to your success is YOU!


Grant Cardone, CEO

Do You Understand?

Do You Understand?

The quality of life that you are experiencing is dependent upon how much understanding you have for it.

Pick any area of your life. The more you understand it, the higher the quality of that area.

The more you understand your business the better the quality. The higher the quality the more you want to do it because your ability has grown.

The less you understand your business the lower the quality. The less the quality of it the less you will want to do it because you seemingly don't have ability.

Understanding therefore = ability= quality of life!

Same for relationships, parenting, money, physical well being, spiritual, etc.

The more you understand something, anything - the better the quality. Therefore, the higher your ability.

The better the quality the more likely you are to want to put time and energy into that area. This is called motivation!

You spend most of your time in your career trying to achieve something. You should fully understand it.

The more you understand it the higher your abilities and up goes your motivation.

Pick one area of your life that you want to be more excited about, more pumped about.

Now all we have to do is increase your ability in that one area!
How do we do that? Increase your understanding! It's simple...

Call us today and let us show you how simple it is...


Grant Cardone, CEO

You Can See Attitude

You Can See Attitude

Just the other day I needed to get some papers in front of a notary, so I went to a place down the street that has a notary.

I walked in and said "I need to see the notary" the guy looked around and said "oh, I think he left". I could tell the guy had little or no interest in getting me serviced. I asked when he might be back. "I don't know" was the answer I received.

Now this might seem small, unimportant, or "just the way it is" type stuff. I think there's more to it though.

You can see attitude in an individual, a team, or an organization. What does this attitude communicate?

What I got from my experience looking for the notary was that my situation wasn't important to this guy.

He didn't care...

I'm not saying this because I need for this guy to care about me getting my papers signed.

I'm saying this because he definitely needs to care about himself and how he handles himself in life. I could see his attitude negatively affecting important areas of his life. His hair was messy, he hadn't shaved, his communication was weak, he never smiled.

He was accepting of an apathetic attitude and passed it on to me. This is so far from ideal.

All attitudes either promote or deter a 100% positive attitude philosophy. You're either moving towards it or away from it.

So look at attitude in all areas of your life and/or business. Do they promote or deter a 100% positive attitude philosophy?

Now comes the "how?"

How do you get that 100% positive attitude for yourself or your business?

Call us and we'll show you.


Grant Cardone, CEO



I know a lot of people who are heavy hitters.

They can do amazing things and produce amazing results.

When they're in a crunch or need to get the job done they come through. It's very admirable.

These individuals are consistent. They are able to reproduce outcomes in a given situation. This is how they become successful. That is the secret of the whole game.

If you have had a successful month, day or year, you need to look at those actions that contributed to your success and keep doing them, reinforce those behaviors.

Say you had amazing production in November. You were making calls, closing deals, getting out there and making it happen. Now December comes round and you figure, "well, I did alright last month. I can take a break, coast through the holidays...blah, blah, blah"

What happens here?

You set aside all that made things go right for you and your production and numbers crash.

You dropped out a consistent plan of successful actions and your results slumped.

This is all just different ways of saying that if you don't get a winning formula together and stick with it, through the good, the bad and the ugly, you won't build up enough traction to really break through into a new level of success, income, happiness or ability.

So do it... It's the difference between letting things happen or making things happen!

Put together your plan for 2008. Call us and we'll show you how. 800-368-5771

-Grant Cardone, CEO

Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward
When it comes to getting what you want out of life there is no one that can make it happen but you. And to get the job done so that life rewards you with all you've gone after, you need to keep moving forward.
For me, moving forward has always been about intention. Method is negligible. This drives some people nuts, but to me it's not about how to get up the mountain. It's about actually getting there. See, keeping my intention set on reaching the goal is what matters. I'll figure out all the details as I get closer to the target.
My accomplishments in life have all come to me by moving forward, despite questions and setbacks. I encourage you adopt this attitude. The method will show up as you move forward. I guarantee it!
Call us and we'll show you how to get started.
Grant Cardone, CEO