Grant Cardone Eating Fire to Celebrate 
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Fear is the great indicator that wealthy and successful people use as a sign that it is time to push through and get to the other side where their expansion lies. Unsuccessful people, who are assured to never have wealth or happiness stop every time they get afraid. All people experience fear, it is how you respond to it that ultimately makes the difference in your life.  

Now eating fire as I am doing in the photo above will certainly not make you successful but it was done to prove a point that a person can do anything they want, even overcome their fears, if they confront them and then commit to overcoming them and NEVER PULL AWAY.  Had I not fully committing to the fear of the fire I would have burnt myself.  

Successful people are willing to push through, even when they are uncomfortable.  They get close to the fire, embrace the heat and push through!    Unsuccessful people use fear as their excuse to retreat and not take action and then get burnt. Retreating insures people that they will be safe, and by itself guarantees these people will never get to those places they dream of. You have to be willing to get uncomfortable to ever achieve being financially comfortable!

Fear, much like a yellow light about to turn red causes you to make a choice; you can either stop or speed up and get through the intersection or stop. Successful people elect to hit the accelerator to get through the light so that they can get to the other side. Unsuccessful people stop each time they see a yellow light in their life.

Mark Twain said, "most of the things I am afraid of never happened to me."

Let fear be the sign for you to push through and take action and you will never hurt yourself by doing so! Do it anyway even though you may be scared, get uncomfortable and grow this ability so that you can have all that you want in your life! On the other side of fear awaits all your dreams!   And quit blowing the fire out and learn to eat the fire instead and you can too.

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Nicolazzi, Inc. said...

so true, whenever i get that fear feeling, i know it's something i need to do...

even if i dont do it right away, it's no longer something i'm running scared from-

keep your posts coming it's stronger than my 4-shot espresso

Frederique said...

Whoo that is the advise i needed!
Just right now:-)

I usually push the accelerator on a yellow light ...

But when I hesitate and stop I know that my dream of a happy life stop with me....