I wake up today grateful to be alive and grateful to have this one day that lies ahead of me.

I wake up today grateful to have opportunities and commit myself to making the most of them.

I wake up today grateful to be able to work and will do everything possible to get results today.

I wake up grateful for my mental capabilities and will use my mind to solve problems.

I wake up today grateful for problems and will put attention on solving them, not causing them.

I wake up today grateful for my attitude and will use it to make others smile and commit to spreading good news, not bad news.

I wake up today grateful for the power of choice and use that power to choose how I act today.

I wake up today, grateful for even being grateful.

Pass this on to others- it might make someone grateful!

Grant Cardone


frederique said...

Thanks for that!
Makes me feel good!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I remember listening to your tapes and you talked about Gratitude and how being grateful and writing your dreams can have such an impact on your life- it's true I do it regularly now and these gratitude affirmations will be added to my list

Nicolazzi, Inc. said...

u rock Mr. Cardone!

i never pictured myself as one of those people reciting affirmations to myself each morning in front of a mirror... but I'll say this, it works, listening to your rules of success and following it's advice has changed my life. i doubled my income in the past year and plan to do it again this year.

U da Man!!

Anonymous said...

Can't get enough of that mindset. I am grateful for people in my life who think this way. I attempt to surround myself and influence as many people as possible to live their lives with a mindset of gratitude. Gratitude fosters more gratitude and is so much more rewarding and liberating than any other alternative.