Aim High!

Most people never get their aim high enough and therefore don't get what they want out of life. They end up in relationships that aren't satisfying, homes they don't love, careers they don't have passion for and on and on.  Others even teach that you should not have high expectations in life as expectations lead to a life of disappointments. 

I say, "better to be disappointed because you set your expectations to high and came up short, than to have no expectations and be assured of disappointment in your life.  The adventure of life is in going for what you want, not in actually getting it, but going for it."
You have to shoot higher than where you desire to get to even get close to what you want. And after you set your targets than you have to keep pushing until you get it.  Most people underestimate the amount of effort, energy and resources that are required to reach a destination and then later come up short.   But befor
e they underestimate the effort they are convinced not to dream big enough in the first place. 

Dream big and you get big, dream little and you may get nothing at all.  Then follow your big think and your big dreams with big and constant actions and make sure those actions are followed up with lots more action.  

The home I live in today I had to pay extra for because it has this view (see above) that I fell in love with.   I have always dreamed and wanted a view like that and followed up my dream with the actions necessary to have it.  So I trust my dreams when I see them. 
I follow them regardless of all the obstacles, difficulties, the cost, the fear and whatever else. 
 I follow my dreams until I have them and then I enjoy them and find out I deserve them and that it all works out somehow!

If your aim is high and your actions endless you will still be assured to end up with those things you have always dreamed of and a life that will never disappoint you!


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