I know a lot of people who are heavy hitters.

They can do amazing things and produce amazing results.

When they're in a crunch or need to get the job done they come through. It's very admirable.

These individuals are consistent. They are able to reproduce outcomes in a given situation. This is how they become successful. That is the secret of the whole game.

If you have had a successful month, day or year, you need to look at those actions that contributed to your success and keep doing them, reinforce those behaviors.

Say you had amazing production in November. You were making calls, closing deals, getting out there and making it happen. Now December comes round and you figure, "well, I did alright last month. I can take a break, coast through the holidays...blah, blah, blah"

What happens here?

You set aside all that made things go right for you and your production and numbers crash.

You dropped out a consistent plan of successful actions and your results slumped.

This is all just different ways of saying that if you don't get a winning formula together and stick with it, through the good, the bad and the ugly, you won't build up enough traction to really break through into a new level of success, income, happiness or ability.

So do it... It's the difference between letting things happen or making things happen!

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-Grant Cardone, CEO

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