Grant Cardone on Attitude and Altitude

Attitude and Altitude

This weeks tip contains one of the most powerful pieces of information I've learned. In the past weeks we've been talking about attitude. How to control it, improve it, how to maintain it, and how to get whatever you want with it!  Now lets talk about the "why". What is it about your attitude in your career that is so important?

Sure you want to feel good, be positive and happy, but what does an attitude directly have to do with your ability to enhance your career, goals, and income?  Most people say ABSOLUTELY.

For as long as I can recall I've been aware of this powerful fact:
"People will pay more for a great attitude than they will for a great product."

This one principle can be viewed as the place where attitude and production meet.

I will pay more for an agreeable, positive and light hearted enjoyable fun-loving experience than I will for the product itself and others will too. It has been proven throughout history that man will give all of his riches to feel good and be entertained.  And that is why more calls will be received for one American Idol than all the votes for President of the United States.

It's easy to say "no" to a product or a price or proposal but it is extremely difficult to say "no" to a truly positive experience with another human being.

Remember this: Your product, service or idea can be shopped!  Your price can be beat! Sooner or later someone will improve the product!  But a great attitude can not be shopped, can't be bought and nothing is more desirable than a positive, up beat, can do attitude!


Grant Cardone, CEO

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Frederique said...

This is so true!

I can even say "no" to a good product if the attitude of the person who's selling me is wrong!

I loved your Rules of Success DVDs! Thanks.