Don't Be Scared!

Don't Be Scared!

The greats never stop because of rejection or failure. They laugh it off and move forward.

If this email catches you at a time when you just experienced some failure or rejection then just do what the great one's do; laugh it off and go get some more.

Almost as though you are crazy or maladjusted- Laugh about it. Someone once saw me handle a failure like this and I laughed and just kicked up my action. He said, "dude you are severely maladjusted to have that response"...

I took this as a compliment, knowing I never want to become "well adjusted" like most people. I would prefer the label of maladjusted.

Do what the greats do= Laugh it off and forge forward!

Imagine if all of the great thinkers and doers stopped because of rejection and/or failure where would we be?

Can you imagine what the world would be like if no one reached through failure to grasp their dreams?

Or worse yet, a world where no dreams existed because everyone was too beat down to know what they were really capable of.

This is all fear-based think and belongs in the trash.

The next time failure and rejection come your way LAUGH AND DO SOME MORE, LIKE ONE OF US MALADJUSTED FOLKS!

The only barrier to your success is YOU!


Grant Cardone, CEO

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Frederique said...

Lol !!

This is strong! I love it!

You should be on TV Grant!