Recession Depends on Your Impression

Everyday the pundits are predicting whether we headed for a recession or not. What does it matter? While they make their predictions you could be taking actions to insure you don't participate. Regardless of the economy or the circumstances you don't have to be effect unless you go into agreement with the conditions.

The media continues to promote the possibility of a recession, a slow down and a pull back. Call it what you will, it doesn't have to affect you! The fact that some will be affected does not necessarily mean YOU will be affected. Just because it is flu season doesn't automatically mean you have to get the flu. Just because there is a car wreck on the highway doesn't mean you have to be involved in it. It is only your impression of what happens that ultimately affects you.

If you choose to expand at this time and follow that decision up with actions then you will expand. If you elect to contract then you will contract.

Personally these are my favorite times, economically, as they cause others to introvert and contract (pull in) while I continue to expand and extrovert (expand). My competitors get smaller and I get bigger. I love it!

Real estate, automobiles, lending, retail all have expectations of lower sales. So what! Recession doesn't mean STOP. It means recess. So don't take a recess! So what if there is a 10-20% pullback?  That leaves 80% for you to focus on.  You probably didn't get any of that extra twenty percent last year anyway. Does it mean it might not be as easy? Maybe, maybe not! Look, if you don't stay focused, don't work every opportunity everyday, and don't have and maintain a good attitude it will be more difficult.

It is only your "impression" that decides whether you will be affected by "the recession." Your mindset, your actions and the decisions you make everyday will determine whether you participate in "the recession".

Don't participate in "the recession" Disagree with it and maximize every opportunity available to you. Get my program, "Maximizing Every Opportunity." It will show you how to make the most of every possible opportunity available to you!

Quit Participating in Bad News and Start Producing Great Results!

Grant Cardone


Grant Cardone said...

Yes finally good news and what to do!

bob johnson

Jack Attack said...

Makes perfect sense. Now is the time to go forward and pull ahead of the others. Thanks!

Nicolazzi, Inc. said...

I love this guys advice...
he should be on tv

simplesimonds said...

I for one am not going to participate in a recession. I am tired of all the media outlets pulling us collectively down. Sure there are problems, but I am in control of my own destiny and will succeed. Thanks for the positive viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

it really is all in how you view the situation.. i'm making money right now because i decided to do so, not because someone says it's a good or bad time to do business.

you're the captain of your ship, no one else

very cool outlook mr cardone

keep your blogs coming

frederique said...

I love it! This is awesome. Finally someone who is giving good advices!
Yes I agree Grant Should definitivly be on TV!

The Doctor said...

Lead the charge, Grant!

A society paralized by fear of economic insecurity (or terrorism, or crime or anything else) is like a bunch of lemmings running toward the cliff.

Your advice is right on target because it leads to the thought that fear, by itself, is not bad--it's how you react to it. Cowards do nothing. Heros take massive action! And the cool thing is how you encourage everyone of us to understand that we can choose to be a hero!