You Can See Attitude

You Can See Attitude

Just the other day I needed to get some papers in front of a notary, so I went to a place down the street that has a notary.

I walked in and said "I need to see the notary" the guy looked around and said "oh, I think he left". I could tell the guy had little or no interest in getting me serviced. I asked when he might be back. "I don't know" was the answer I received.

Now this might seem small, unimportant, or "just the way it is" type stuff. I think there's more to it though.

You can see attitude in an individual, a team, or an organization. What does this attitude communicate?

What I got from my experience looking for the notary was that my situation wasn't important to this guy.

He didn't care...

I'm not saying this because I need for this guy to care about me getting my papers signed.

I'm saying this because he definitely needs to care about himself and how he handles himself in life. I could see his attitude negatively affecting important areas of his life. His hair was messy, he hadn't shaved, his communication was weak, he never smiled.

He was accepting of an apathetic attitude and passed it on to me. This is so far from ideal.

All attitudes either promote or deter a 100% positive attitude philosophy. You're either moving towards it or away from it.

So look at attitude in all areas of your life and/or business. Do they promote or deter a 100% positive attitude philosophy?

Now comes the "how?"

How do you get that 100% positive attitude for yourself or your business?

Call us and we'll show you.


Grant Cardone, CEO


Frederique said...

Yes! having a positive and caring attitude is a basic rule!

The world would be very different if everyone understood that.

Thanks for your great tips!

BigBillyboy48 said...

all attitude is infectious: negative, blase'-blase', or a turbo-charged, spirit-lifting spectacular 1. Who will you infect today & with what?...