Recessions are for Economies, NOT Individuals

The television, the radio and the economist continue to report how much is wrong with the American Economy and then viewers and listeners go into agreement with the reports and make the bad news reported become reality for themselves. I have been through about nine of these so called pullbacks over my life-time and have survived every one of them! Here is some data you need:

Recession is defined as a temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in production over two successive quarters.

If you don't personally have a temporary decline or fall in production it means you would not have a recession. RECESSIONS ARE FOR ECONOMIES NOT FOR INDIVIDUALS.

A recession does not mean every individual need participate or that YOU personally have to be impacted. I personally have no intention of being involved in this reported bad news and I refuse to participate with any and all economic declines, pullbacks or shrinkage of any sort. You don't have to participate either if you don't choose to! But in order not to participate you must act differently from the masses of people and do whatever is necessary not to have a decline or fall in your production.

Just remember, what happens to "all people" or even "most people" does not mean it has to happen to you. Just because John and Bob get in a fight at the local bar on Friday night does not mean you have to wake up with a black eye on Saturday morning.

Here is a trick I use to insure I don't participate with pull backs! Look around at what most people are doing and don't do what they do. Those that are affected by recessions actually make it happen to themselves because their actions support that which they hear reported by the media. Disagree with the bad news and know that only your actions not the media can affect you! Then do everything each DAY to make sure you don't participate in the BS news. This is what I do:
1) Focus on exact actions I take daily to expand.
2) Do everything possible to keep my attitude positive daily.
3) Push as hard as possible to get results day to prove the media wrong!
4) Increase my personal training daily.

Don't shrink now, expand! Don't spend less money now, spend more! Don't start putting in budgets now, invest money and expand! Don't agree with bad news, disagree by your actions!

Now is a great opportunity for the strong to get stronger while the weak and undisciplined disappear.

Remember Recessions are for Economies not for Individuals.


Tim Rodger said...

Been living by this philosopy since before I met Grant. Spread the word.

simplesimonds said...

Thank God I am not an economy. All I have to do is follow your rules and I will take care of myself and my family.

Anonymous said...

thank you for everything cardone. we love you.

eve said...

Very good advise Grant. Every "recession" I ever created for myself in any type of "economy" good or bad, was out created by the simple steps you list and I came out of it every time. Treat work like play with interest and imagination and whatever you want can have it. Thanks for the uplifting blog!

Eve Witter

Joshua said...

I have been listenting to the nes and to be honest I droped down to fear about the state of the world thinking about recessions depressions etc. After reading Grants information about the recessions i came back up and now I feel at cause over the whole situation and now I can do somthing about it and not feel so at effect. Thank you Grant!