Grant Cardone-4 Steps to Insure Success!

Neither the next President of the US or the price of gasoline will have anything to do with whether you create success for yourself. If you are waiting for the right president or the oil companies to insure your future you will be disappointed.
While I have my preferences as to who becomes President and would like to see gasoline prices lower, I refuse to let either threaten my survival and have a plan to make sure it does not!
That plan includes the following steps( taken from The Rules of Success):
1) Stay positive.
2) Take only those actions that forward my goals.
3) Stay focused on my goals and disregard the distractions.
4) Stay with those actions regardless of the outcomes until I get what I win!
These four steps when adhered to exactly will insure that a person is successful regardless of who is President of the US or the cost of gasoline.  Each of these steps are critical but the first one is senior to the others.  Each step requires that you financially invest in them not just decide on them!  

The first most important thing is to load your mind up with positive information (daily) no differently than you feed yourself or put fuel in your car.  Write the answer to these questions down- how much did you spend last month on:  
a) food for your body? 
b) fuel for your car?
c) on having a positive attitude and your mental conditioning? 

Your answer by itself will demonstrate why you may have trouble staying focused on what you want, where you are going and then staying with it (2,3,& 4 above)! 

People waste time and money on coffee, cigarettes,  concert tickets, ball games, movies, and fixing their car but when it comes to investing in their minds and their attitudes they don't make the necessary investments.  If the brakes on your car went out you would take your car to the shop? Of course you would.  Trust me, you need your mind more than you need a brakes on your car! Your mind can take you anywhere you want to go when its it great condition! And when it is perfectly tuned you won't get the brakes fixed you will be able to trade the car in for a new one!  Your mind and attitude are the engine, transmission and the drive shaft! Get it right first thing everyday and the rest becomes possible! 

Successful people KNOW that they have to invest in their mental conditioning in order to make their dreams and goals a reality.  Get the first point in today so that you can do the other three steps and create the success you want!   

Call 800-368-5771 and we can tell you the best way to get your attitude right and for those who really want to go on an adventure ask about how to go all the way and permanently eliminate all negativity forever! It is possible!

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Anonymous said...

well said master G!

question for you..

i feel like im constantly working on staying positive... investing in myself, pushing harder every day, but the same difficulties seem to meet me with each new day.

i think im doing steps 1-4. am i missing something?

when does the universe say "okay, you win! here are your dreams and all you've worked so hard for" Is that how it works?