How Deep is Your Water by Grant Cardone

"Big ships need deep water and were not built to stay at port!" 

I saw this one statement (above) at the age of 27 years old and it changed my life forever. I knew I wasn't playing a big enough game and I was no longer challenging myself enough. I knew I had more potential and I wasn't using it. It also came apparent to me in this life changing moment that in order for me to create the life I wanted everything needed to change!

I had lived in the same town for 27 years, had the same job, same friends, surrounded by the small thinkers and the same challenges day after day, month after month. I was no longer growing!  I had reached the top of my game and I WAS NOT SATISFIED!  Life was good compared to most people but I knew there was more for me.  I knew there were bigger fish to catch and that it required me to go out to the deep water where I could be surrounded by bigger think and people that were really challenging themselves- in the deep water with the "big game".

A big ship at dock is typically only at dock to get supplies or be repaired. Big ships weren't built to sit at the dock or just anchor forever in the same harbor. Big ships were made to sail just like big people are meant to live big dreams and make big things happen!   You can't make that happen in a harbor tied to a dock.

The people that attend my seminars and purchase my training products are like these big ships. They are seeking out new information and new ideas in order to reach new levels of production and happiness!   People with big ambitions have to go out where the water is deep to really find big fish and make their big dreams a reality.   You can never do that with the anchor down in the same port with the same buddies, the same customers, the same kind of think and the same actions. It requires a different action and a different think, it requires that you leave the dock in search of deep waters and big fish!   This idea of deep water can have many meanings for different people. 

It could be anything: 
seeking out new customers, 
going to workshops, 
joining a new community action, 
become a member at a country club, 
move to a more expensive neighborhood that you think you can't afford,  
Anything else that you have wanted to do and are a bit scared to do!

If it doesn't scare you then you are already comfortable which means safe harbors.  Go where you FEAR!  

Pull up anchor, toss the limited thinking overboard, open up the engines and go to full throttle in the directions of your dreams, your goals, and your ambitions. Go find deep water and really challenge yourself. When you do this you will be forced to "up" your game, learn more and do more in order to survive!  

I would bet that more people drown in bath tubs each year than drown in the ocean.  
Personally, if I am going to drown,  I want it to be in deep water~ at least I have a chance of catching big fish and living a full life!

If you want to learn more and challenge yourself more and get more out of your life get my Rules of Success and my new book. These two products will give you want you need to pull up anchor and go find the big fish! Call 800-368-5771.

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