"The Greats" by Grant Cardone

For thousands of years wealth has been amassed, successes created and riches accumulated by those that could successfully sell, convince and persuade others to support their ideas and products. These people that are able to make their projects, companies and ideas get sold did not approach selling as a job or a career or even an activity anymore than they would consider breathing something you do to stay alive. They approached every opportunity with a full understanding that to get what they wanted they had to sell and close others on supporting them in their dreams and they did so without reservation!

Those successes, riches and wealth still exist today but only for those that fully understand the importance the vital role of selling. Most people never get what they want in life only because they do not know how to sell others on their dreams.

The greatest shortage on this planet is not oil, water or ocean front property, the greatest shortage is of people that fully understand how to sell others on their ideas, their products and their dreams.

Most people think of selling as an activity and this is incorrect as selling is a requirement not an activity. This is good news for those who dare take a moment to conquer this area as the world waits with its fortunes and for most the world selling is a huge blind spot! Billions of people don't even know they need sales in order to achieve their dreams. There are hundreds of millions of people that call themselves salespeople of which only a few of those have even a clue of what they are doing. Then there are "the Greats" which know all the secrets of selling that make the game so easy and that is what this book is about.

The "greats" first, know that selling is not something you do, but something that is required in order to expand, grow and prosper. These people know that the only thing that limits their success is their imagination and the ability to convince others to say yes to their ideas! The "greats" think differently, act differently and work differently. The way rich people think different than poor people, "the Greats" have a different set of rules they live by. They have acquired a different attitude about life as they know all success is only limited to their ability to attain a yes!

They are paid immense fees compared to their peers and they are successful in all their endeavors because they know how to close a deal! Their companies out-produce their competitors, their projects sell out faster, and the charity events they support raise more money! Selling, for these people, is so thoroughly understood and mastered that it requires no effort and no longer looks like selling.

When the economy crashes, the ‘greats’ may experience small dips in production, but they still prosper, while others lose their jobs. The "greats" don’t have ceilings on their earnings and know that their income depends solely on their ability to get in front of customers. When I was twenty-five years of age, I made the commitment to KNOW everything there was to know about the game of selling. Everyday I read and listened to everything I could absorb regarding selling, persuasion, negotiating and closing.

He who knows what he’s doing and every nuance of his career doesn’t have to get enthusiastic, because he KNOWS. When you know something you no longer have to think about what to do you just do. When you KNOW something completely you can predict outcomes successfully. When you KNOW with certainty you will acquire true confidence. When you KNOW for sure others will agree with you because they see you KNOW.

The only shortage on this planet are people that fully understand how to sell others on their dreams. No dream can become reality without someone selling it to others! Inside lies the secrets that will insure your dreams come true:

"Selling The Secret to Success should be put in the hands of anyone who wants to run a successful company and should be the "Bible" for anyone in sales. This book is amazing YOU HAVE TO READ IT.“ Kerri Kasem, Radio Personality

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