Recently I have been on numerous national radio shows whereby the host asked me what advice I have to counter the current economic "crisis".

There are three steps I suggest everyone take immediately:

1) Define what the correct crisis (problem) is for you.
2) Come up with a solution to the problem.
3) Once problem and solution are identified spend all your time and resources on the solution.

Do you even know what the word crisis means as it is thrown around quite loosely today. Crisis, a time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger, also it means (and I like this better), a turning point in a disease when an important change takes place indicating either recovery or death.

The first step is to correctly identify the crisis or problem for you. If you incorrectly identify the problem you can never come up with the correct solution( cure). At this time the media is convincing America that the crisis is increasing fuel and food prices. I don't believe this to be the correct problem because it doesn't explain the financial situation you had when food and fuel were half of what they are today.

Unless you come up with the right problem you can not come up with the right solution. And the solution is where you should spend all of your time and energy. You only identify the problem long enough to come up with the solution, then you spend no more time on the problem and ALL your time on the solution.

The financial crisis in America is not that that Americans waste fuel and food or even spend too much money (even though we do). The real issue is Americans waste their time, energy, efforts and their creativity talking about the problem, watching tv, and reading newspapers rather than spending time and energy on the solution. The solution is ALWAYS PRODUCE MORE. That means work more, give more service and ultimately collect more money!

Now is the time for ACTION and SOLUTIONS that involve Expansion not Contraction. A little hint, all solutions come in acts of expansion never in acts of contraction.

Identify the real problem then spend all of your energy and resources on the solution. Do everything you can to produce more! Get your family involved in producing more. The kids can get involved in your business or get a job themselves and contribute to the increased cost of living in America.

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Derek Simonds said...

I have talked with my family about this topic several times since reading your blog. Everytime we discuss it we come up with new ways for us all to get engaged in expansion. We don't care what the economic climate is we are going to grow.