Grant Cardone on The Main Thing

In the last fifty years of my life there have been nine recessions, four housing bust, six major stock market crashes and four major wars that the US alone, has participated in.

Also in those fifty years there have been more millionaires and billionaires made than in any other fifty year period in history. Those people became rich because they kept the main thing the main thing. The main thing is tomorrow, the future and what you will do to contribute to creating a better future for the world. The people that can disregard the bad news, the past, and focus on what they can produce for tomorrow will prosper and make a difference. Everyone else is just a spectator not a player and not a difference maker!

Fifty years ago, there was no Starbuck's coffee on every street corner, no cell phones, no hope of electric Cars, no computers, no internet, no Tivo, no email, no email, no Google, no Hummers, no flat screen tv's, no artificial grass, we didn't have venetian plaster, CRM follow up Systems, customer satisfaction reports, 40MM Watches, one hundred and fifty dollar blue jeans, and thousand dollar purses, there was no 24 screen movie theatres, huge city size theme get the point. The people that created these things have made fortunes and they deserve it. They kept their attention on creating and producing a future not on talking about what happened yesterday! These people were so focused on their dreams and the future they either disregarded the bad news or had so much attention on producing they had no attention for the things that were bad!

It would appear that the people that cry the most are the people that do the least! And the people that do the most have the least time to cry!

Nothing is more important than a person's ability to keep the main thing the main thing! And the main thing is always in your future never in your past. Get focused on what you will produce, create and contribute to the future and your life will change in seconds!

grant cardone

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