Regardless of your position, whether it be banker, actor, mortgage broker, doctor, general contractor, teacher, car sales person, business owner, entrepreneur, executive, hairstylist, chiropractor, fund raiser, homeless person or whatever, you are probably feeling the effects of tightening economic times. Call this tightening whatever you might your real focus should not be on describing what it is but how you are going to be successful regardless of it.

If you are feeling concerned of how this tightening will affect you it is only because you know there is some weakness or deficiencies in your game plan. To insure your expansion and ultimately your chances at financial freedom it is vital during times like these that you really tighten down and get on your "A Game".

To become Financially Free a person must have four things tightened down:
1) An undying desire, intent and willingness to be Financially Free.
2) The right mental mindset to become Financially Free which entails how you think and all your surroundings.
3) Create only those actions that will guarantee your Financial Freedom.
4) Learn everything you can about selling, persuasion and negotiating as Financial Freedom is impossible without this skill.

I meet a lot of people in my travels that swear they have number (1) handled. Upon closer inspection most discover that their commitment waivers as they are not actually willing to do WHATEVER it takes to attain Financial Freedom. Sure you can hope and wish for it, but you have to want it so bad that nothing will stop you, certainly not a little "recession". This is when you have to be so determined and so clear about what it is you want. I have worked on strengthening this skill my entire life so that I could insure myself of Financial Freedom and get what I want out of life. Intention, like any discipline,is like a muscle that must be used everyday to get strong. Check out my Rules of Success program.

#2-The right mental attitude is something that many people work toward but few really ever get handled completely as they let so many other things influence them negatively. If you really want to be Financially Free you have to make it a must to make sure all negativity is stopped around you. In my book, Selling the Secret to Success, I give you one exercise to do that will put you in control of your mental attitude immediately. It is actually an exercise that develops a discipline so that you are able to inventory negativity, categorize it and start knocking it out. There is also another suggestion in the book for erasing it completely but that requires a phone call for only the most serious of Financial Freedom Seekers.

(3) While all people may have been created equal, all actions are not created equal and some are actually useless action-activities. Other actions pay off with small flows (very important) and some are gusher actions (life changing). You want to confine your actions that result in flows and gushers. Most people spend there day in actions that will not set them free, but in reality, further bind them their shackles. Others only go for the big quick gusher payoffs which don't happen as often. You need the small flow and the Gusher Actions to get where you want to go. This takes studying what others have done to really cash in and attain Financial Freedom. People don't take enough time to study others that have attained success and then figure out what actions they will have to take to get them their financial freedom.

And the most important, (4), Financial Freedom is impossible without the ability to sell your ideas to others. My book, Selling the Secret to Success is not as a tactical sales manual of how to selling techniques but rather shows the reader the vital importance of selling to all people regardless of their position. The biggest deals I have done in my life required 90% sales and 10% administrative. This ration you will find holds true with any level of success or failure a person experiences in their life. This thing called selling is not a bad word, or something that you should detest, but is actually the life blood of every successful organization, individual or great idea. No success or Financial Freedom will ever come without the ability to sell and persuade others to believe and take action as well. The world is filled with great ideas and short on people that can sell them.

My goal is to make twenty-five people Financially Free this year. Call my office and lets figure out what we have to do to make you one of them.

Grant Cardone
Author Selling the Secret to Success

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