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Keep Moving Forward

When it comes to getting what you want out of life there is no one that can make it happen but you. And to get the job done so that life rewards you with all you've gone after, you need to keep moving forward.
For me, moving forward has always been about intention and commitment to keep moving forward regardless. Method is negligible, meaning I in less interested in the mechanics than the intention and action of just merely moving forward. How do you get to the other side- move forward one step or many steps at a time.

This idea of just moving forward drives some people nuts, but to me, it's not about how to get up the mountain. Keep moving to the top regardless of your equipment. The most idea situation is that you have all the best equipment, the best training and you are completely prepared for the adventure. But in life that is not always the case. Sometimes you will find yourself without the perfect equipment, without the resources, maybe even without the training or education but still needed to get to the top. The only way to do so is to keep moving forward! It's about actually getting there regardless. To be completely unreasonable in your quest to get to "that place" where ever that may be requires to keep moving forward. S

I keep my intention set on reaching the goal is what matters to me regardless of my abilities. That is why I can get things accomplished that many say is impossible. I disregard the mechanics, the mathematics, even the problem itself and just keep pushing. I find myself always miraculously figuring out how to overcome the obstacles and solve the problems as I am doing getting to the top.

My accomplishments in life have all come to me by moving forward, despite questions and setbacks. I encourage you adopt this attitude. The method will show up as you move forward. I guarantee it will work for you!
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Grant Cardone

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