Grant Cardone on Creating Wealth

I did a seminar yesterday in Tampa for 400 people who are all looking for a way/ways to create financial freedom in their lives.

There are only two answers to insure you create financial freedom.

1) Put together a plan based on saving and investing not spending.
2) Produce at levels that guarantee that you reach your financial goals.

It works like this: Figure first how much money you need to be financially independent, take the number of years you are willing to take to accomplished the goal. Then divide the desired financial target by the years you chose. IE. 1,000,000 in 20 years, would mean you need to set aside $4000 a month every month for 240 months. With only minimal interest and never putting any of the money at risk you would be well in excess of 1,000,000.

The second step would be: Figure out basic living expenses, and other cost and state and federal income taxes and add the 4000 a month you want to save you have the number you need to produce every month!

Then do whatever it takes to produce that amount, whether it's worker harder at one job or taking on several jobs.

Millionaires become millionaires due to focus on an outcome, hard work, consistent effort at their goals, saving money not spending money, and doing whatever they have to do to create financial freedom for themselves and their loved ones.

Get you financial plan in now! Also get your attitude right everyday so you think like a millionaire. If you already have my Rules of Success program listen to one cd a day. If you don't have it, Get it. 800-368-5771

grant cardone

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Anonymous said...

this is great,

i'd love to see one of your seminars
i'm in the process of becoming a millionaire myself. well done on all you've accomplished

- Millionaire #5